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How A Hosting Service Can Affect Your Website?

Are you wondering how a hosting service can affect your website? No worries, all your doubts will get cleared in this blog post.


Most of the companies and bloggers made the mistake of buying a cheap web host service without realizing what could be at stake!  When you choose a hosting service without even analyzing its features, past performances, and feedback, then you may be in trouble. Hosting service has a direct impact on the website’s performance. Here are some areas that get affected by hosting. 


Speed Of The Website

Do you like to wait for the website to load? Of course not! Nobody enjoys waiting for a website to load. 


Waiting is so despised on the Internet that search engines like Google take your site’s loading speed into account when calculating your SEO score. 


Websites that take more than a few seconds to load are pushed down in ranking, whereas those that load quickly are rewarded with a higher ranking in search results. 


Now you have understood the speed of the website is critical. So make sure your website loads faster. To do that, opt for a hosting service provider that offers speedy servers. When your webpage loads quickly, the visitors will never leave your site due to its loading time. 


If you are serious about your business, then consider Cloud hosting or VPS hosting. 


Also, check that your host’s data center is close to your target audience. The more data sent back and forth, the longer your website will take to load. You should also consider setting up page caching with the content delivery network (CDN).


Downtime Of Website


The time your website remains offline or unavailable is the downtime. Site downtime is even worse than a high loading time. Downtime on your site is caused by the side of your host. The reason might be a hardware failure, an overcrowded server, a security compromise, or something else.


Sadly, even if your website is down for just a few minutes, its SEO performance might suffer. In that case, search engines like Google may label your website as untrustworthy. If the outage lasts more than a few minutes, Google may decide to remove your site from its search results. Check the uptime provided by your hosting provider before choosing one. 


You may have seen some hosting providers offering 99% uptime while some offering 99.99% uptime. At first, it doesn’t seem much of a difference, but in reality, the difference is too much. A hosting service offering 99% uptime means your website remains down for a few days in a year, while the hosting provider offering 99.99% uptime means the website will remain down only a few minutes in a year.


Now you would have understood the difference between 99% uptime and 99.99% uptime. Thus, it is always a nice idea to have a look at the uptime offering. Being a top hosting company in India, Datanet hosting solutions offers 99.99% uptime.


Database Connection Failure


You may have seen this error message – “Internal server error.” Do you know what does it mean? Well, it means your website gets overburdened with traffic so the visitors are getting this message. They may also see text like “Database Connection Failed.” Though it will not affect your SEO score as much when your website goes completely offline, yet it will increase the bounce rate of the website significantly. 


If this error occurs, then make a copy of your cache for a short time. The best method to do this on WordPress is to use WP Super Cache, a free plugin. However, it is not viable for the long term. The fact that you don’t have adequate bandwidth to handle all of your traffic causes database problems. So, inquire with your hosting company about upgrading to a VPS or cloud hosting plan.




No doubt that SEO is critical for the success of an online business, but don’t forget the impact of website hosting on your search engine results. A website that runs slowly, experiences frequent outages. Thus, when you choose a hosting provider for your website then keep these things in mind. Increase your hosting budget to ensure that your SEO efforts are not jeopardized by bad hosting services.


Being a top hosting company in India, Datanet is offering impeccable hosting services to users. There is no better choice than Datanet hosting solutions if you are looking for quality hosting services. 

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