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Cloud To Cloud Backup 101: Everything You Need To Know!- Datanet

You may have heard of cloud-to-cloud backup these days quite frequently and wondering what’s that? Well, no worries! This article will clear all your doubts. Keep on reading without skipping!


Cloud to Cloud backup has gained tremendous recognition these days. But why? 


Organizations are worried about data security more than ever. The cases of data loss or data hacks are coming now & then more often. It propels the companies to ensure the safety of their data. Due to which the use of cloud storage applications like Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, etc., are on the rise. 


Now another question arises. Why do we need a Cloud backup service when applications like Google Drive, MS Office 365 are available? 


This is where most people get confused! 


Firstly, cloud backup and cloud storage are two different things. 


You can check out the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage here. 


Secondly, these applications never guarantee the security of your data. 


They use powerful data security mechanisms to guard against data losses solely on their end and not the user’s end. It means if any data loss happens from your end, only you would be responsible, and not them. 


Cloud to Cloud backup provides solutions to these problems. It is a vital tool for any company wishing to maintain data security as it migrates to the cloud. 


What Is Cloud To Cloud Backup?

What is Cloud to Cloud backup


Till now, even you would have got the idea of this. In simple words, 


Cloud to Cloud backup is the process of copying data stored in a cloud to another cloud. 


For example, if you have data on google drive and one drive, copy that data and store them on a highly secure offsite cloud backup server. 


As stated earlier, taking backup of data and storing data has a difference. Cloud to cloud backup is to back up data and not to archive it. Thus the sole reason for taking a backup copy on the second cloud is to retrieve when the original is not available for any reason. The reason could be any, maybe a disaster struck, and all your data gets lost. So, how will you get them back? The answer is cloud backup. 


Benefits Of C2C Backup In A Nutshell


  • Cloud backup services are highly economical. No investment in on-site infrastructure is required, as it takes online backup off-site. 
  • Backup copies of data can be accessed from anywhere in the cloud. IT employees do not have to come to a physical site to recover data if something goes wrong.
  • Online backup can withstand cyber-attacks. Suppose an employee mistakenly clicks on the infected email attachment and exposes the company to a ransomware attack. The data backed up on the cloud will not be harmed because it is not on the office network.


Why Cloud To Cloud Backup Gained Popularity?


Why cloud to cloud backup gained priority


C2C backup gained worldwide popularity due to these reasons. Have a look at them below:


  • Automatic Backup Process

Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions automate the backup process. So, it eliminates the need for internal IT personnel to administer and maintain the system as backup information is end-to-end encrypted by the SAAS vendor. C2C backup services leave the data protection and data availability duties on professional providers. It is helpful when you do not have an IT team, or team, that manages every IT requirement for your company.


  • Availability Of Cloud Applications & Services


The advancement of technology has led to a faster and cheaper internet connection. This leads to an increase in the number of users and hence the data consumption. Since more and more people are using the internet, data consumption is higher than ever. To counter this problem, companies have introduced cloud-based applications that offer space to keep an enormous amount of data. These days, cloud applications like Google Drive, MS Office 365, etc., and service providers like Acronis, AWS, and so on are available in the market. It gives users the option to choose from a variety of services.


  • A Truly Cost-Effective Alternative


C2C backup is an economical alternative to costly and messy tape backup. You will benefit when you replace your old-age on-site backup storage systems with a cloud-based solution. An online backup reduces the upfront hardware costs, ongoing maintenance costs, and costly delays in data access. Also, the traditional methods require continuous human attention, which means the wastage of time and energy. On the other hand, cloud backup automates the process, thus saving your time, money, and energy. 


Cloud to Cloud Backup Service Provider


Taking backup on cloud is not a big deal but ensuring safe & secure backup is the one. There are many online backup services present on the internet. However, not everyone is trustworthy. Offering free cloud backup service is the biggest lie any cloud backup services provider will tell you. There is a difference between economical service and free service. Don’t fall for any marketing gimmick. Check out these tips to find the best cloud backup service provider before making any decision. 




Data security is not merely an option anymore. It is a necessity! and that’s the bottom line. Moreover, if you are willing to make your data secure, then opt for cloud backup solutions. Being a leading online data backup provider, Datanet, a partner of Acronis offering world-class online backup services. Get your perfect cloud backup and disaster recovery solution right away! 

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