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Why Cloud Backup Should Not Be An Option But A Priority?

Cloud backup is no more an unheard topic. People are aware of it very well. Decision-makers in organizations know the importance of data backup on the Cloud. However, it’s all about implementation. Despite data security threats, many businesses still see cloud backup as an option and not a priority. This mentality needs to change. 


Does it make any sense to act after an attack on your data? Of course not! Cloud backup is a proactive measure, not reactive. It will be a blunder to go with cloud backup solutions only after any data breach. What will you save when you have nothing? 


Importance Of Data Backup On Cloud


Data is no less than Gold for any company. It helps businesses make informed decisions. Data gives a better understanding of the customers, which in turn leads to effective communication. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that data is an asset. But it becomes a liability the day you stop doing anything for its security. As your company grows, the data grows. Thus, it’s necessary to have data cloud backup solutions. 

Reasons To Prioritize Data Backup On Cloud


The reasons to prioritize cloud backup may differ from business to business. However, the goal remains the same and that is data protection. Some of the common ones are given below:

Human-Errors Can Occur Anytime


a girl and a boy facing some errors caused by human in cloud backup solutions

Data is prone to human errors. Even the best employee of your company can make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes could prove to be costly. The reason could be any. A dissatisfied employee taking revenge, or maybe he spills coffee on the laptop, which results in critical data loss. You may shout at him, but it won’t get back your data. Even many times, employees click on malicious links that can destroy all the precious data within a few seconds. Thus, it is vital to ensure that no data loss happens due to human errors. With data backup on a remote server, Cloud backup can solve this problem. 

Saves Data From Hacking Attempts


cloud backup data hacked by some hackers

Data hacking is a real threat to every business. Once a hacker gets the data, your business will crumble. Unless you are a multinational company that possesses the technology, your business is at risk. Especially, small and mid-sized business needs to be very careful. Data breaches can cost you millions, and you cannot get them back. Also, you might be aware of the rise in ransomware cases. It is the attack where the attacker asks for ransom in return for your data. And, if you are thinking you will get your data after giving ransom, you are living in a fool’s paradise. You will lose both your data and money. A cloud backup solution solves these problems. So, there is no reason to say no to cloud backup. 

Natural Disasters Are Unpredictable 


cloud backup destroyed by natural disasters


Some things in life are not in the hand of humans, such as natural disasters. Disasters are unpredictable, so the only way to cope with that is to have proactive measures. With data backup on Cloud, you can be assured that your data is in a safe place. Acting ahead of time and keeping a backup on Cloud helps you recover quickly after the disaster.  

Cloud Backup Save You Money


a couple is saving money they saved from cloud backup


Having data back up on the cloud is a cost-effective approach to safeguard data. With cloud backup solutions, you don’t need to purchase, store, or maintain hardware, resulting in immediate cost savings. Also, there is no on-premises equipment to handle. So, there is no need to recruit expensive full-time employees. It saves a significant amount in the long run. Online backups are more budget-friendly as compared to traditional methods like tape backup. You can estimate the total cost as you will have a contract with the cloud backup service provider for a specified amount of space and services. There are no hidden charges as well.

Choosing Best Backup For Your Organization


Now you may have understood the reason to prioritize cloud backup. But what about cloud backup service providers? You cannot choose any cloud backup solution. Always go with trusted cloud backup providers like Datanet, a partner of Acronis. Also, you can click this highlighted link to check out tips to choose a cloud backup service provider

The Bottomline


Data loss is a disastrous event for any business, and it can happen at any moment. So, having a backup on the cloud is not only an option but a requirement. If you take your business seriously, then take data seriously too. Directly or indirectly, data drives the business. Hence, keeping it safe is your stern duty. 

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