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Empower Your Business With A Magnificant WordPress Website

Do you want to have an excellent website for your business? Do you want to have a website that doesn’t affect your wallet much? If your answer is yes, then our answer is WordPress. More than 60 million users built their website with WordPress. You could be surprised to know that around 32% of websites on the internet are built on WordPress. 


WordPress is without a doubt the most in-demand and used CMS in the world. It is preferred by people across the globe for website development, especially by solopreneurs, as it is so easy to use, with a plethora of eye-catching themes & functionalities. It is one of the most scalable and continuously modified open-type platforms. However, all these benefits would be of no use until you connect with the best WordPress development company in India – Datanet. Wie experience of 10+ years and skills in the industry to offer excellent WordPress websites that meet the needs of our clients. We offer outstanding WordPress solutions, which support customers in achieving their business goals, following a well-defined approach. We can handle all aspects of WordPress application production requirements thanks to our extensive industry expertise.

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Advantages A Website Will Get From WordPress

Creating a truly impressive website is now possible without investing too much time and a hefty sum of money, all thanks to WordPress. You can check out some of the preeminent advantages offered by WordPress depicted below:



WordPress is not a single famous CMS, there are Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, and many more, but none can match the ease of use provided by WordPress. It features an integrated dashboard that allows users to add new pages or articles or sections, alter themes and configurations, and more. You don’t need to have mastery over HTML, CSS, and Javascript to develop a website using WordPress. However, a basic understanding is required.


Easy To Install

Some CMS are quite complicated to install, which makes life tougher for a naive person. However, this is not the case with WordPress. Installing WordPress is like eating ApplePie. You don’t have to do anything out of the box to install it. Just go to the website of your hosting provider(prefer the Datanethosting) of WordPress and install it with a click.


Clean Structure

The thing that makes WordPress stand apart from the rest of the CMS is the clean structure. A website that loads quickly appeals to everyone, which is possible due to the clean structuring as offered by WordPress. It provides an interactive interface that guarantees that the site operates on multiple platforms simultaneously without the need to make additional efforts to create separate web pages.


Highly Flexible

With more than 50,000 plugins, WordPress gives you the freedom to create your website the way you like. On top of that, thousands of themes along with constant addition give your website a fresh and unique look. You have the option of using some current template or customizing a new one. It can be used to build a personal blog, business websites, or e-commerce shop.



It is easy to strengthen the WordPress website as it has some strong plugins and tools to enhance it on the security front. Therefore, you can keep WordPress safe and secure with its tools and plugins by choosing WordPress for your company website. However, there is no CMS that is 100% secure, it is up to you how you manage the security offered by CMS. Hiring a top WordPress development company in India would be the best option.


Simple Media Management

To enrich the content on your WordPress website, you can conveniently add images, videos, and other media components. It features a drag and drop interface that helps you to drag and drop media material to the uploader quickly. If required, you can even use image editing software.


Great Community Support

The most valuable aspect of WordPress is its wide range of community support. The largest number of developers are working on WordPress. This framework offers a wide variety of tools for developers to use in the development of extensions, themes, and apps for this platform. The WP community provides developers reliable assistance when required.

Opt for WordPress for the development of your website and avail of the aforementioned advantages right away!

Seamless WordPress Services We Offer At Datanet

Website Development

Our WordPress website developers offer a wide range of personalized web design & development which ensure a marvelous website for your business.

Migration &

Using our specialized conversion services you can migrate your website to WordPress from any other CMS along with any kind of WP upgrade.

Theme Development

We offer highly flexible theme development and implementation services with a broad range of themes and support according to the demand.

WordPress Conversion

Our knowledgeable WordPress developers fully understand what the company needs. Based upon it, we transform PSD files to W3C-approved WordPress themes.

& Configuration

We deliver seamless installation and configuration of WordPress. Choose our services to get the benefit of WordPress websites, blog, design, & theme configuration.

Why Choose Datanet For PHP Development Services?

No doubt, that using WordPress is very easy, but creating a website that stands out in the market and helps you to gain business advantages is a matter of experts. You may have heard a famous quote “The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it.” Here are some of the reasons why you should choose a top web development company in India for your WordPress website development.

Responsive Website

If you have a slow website, then be prepared to lose most of the visitors because no one likes a website that takes plenteous of time to open. Therefore, ensure to have a website that opens in a flash. But how you will do it? Simple, contact with the best WordPress development company like us and let the experts do the job.



You may be wondering, if WordPress is free then why are even we talking about cost? Well, it’s right that WordPress is free but don’t misunderstand it as completely free because all features are not free. Besides, the hard work of the expert behind your website development will be there. Still, the service that you will avail from us would be quite affordable.


On-Time Work

We have a team who ensures to deliver the project on time. We have work ethics that once you take a project then do it on time or else don’t take the project, and we adhere to it completely.


Support & Maintenance

Successful completion of the website doesn’t mean that there can’t be an issue in the future, and when it happens, it is necessary to have support from your development company. We at Datanet offers flawless support and maintenance for WordPress website. Our objective is a higher success rate and a strong relationship with clients.

WordPress Hosting benefits

Connect with Datanet right away and avail best WordPress website development service easily!