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Boost Your Ecommerce Business With Highly Responsive & Effective Magento Website From Datanet

We all know how easy it is to do online shopping these days. Just visit your favorite eCommerce website, search for the products, place the order, make the payment, and get it within a few days. But have you ever thought about how the whole process becomes so easy on an eCommerce platform? The answer is Magento, an unparalleled eCommerce platform that offers a customized navigational experience to the users. Magento is a go-to choice of various eCommerce platforms including eCommerce giants because of its great features such as plugins, tools, and top-notch security. Whether you’re a startup or an enterprise, Magento is a good fit for everyone. However, the right use of Magento is only possible, if you have the right Magento development company like Datanet.


From store management to supply management, we at Datanet have solutions for everything you would need to make your eCommerce platform thrive in the market. We create attractive yet powerful store models for our customers that are tailored to their needs. We also assist retailers in scaling and growing their online businesses by encapsulating extensions and solutions, which is required for the hassle-free management of an online store. Being the best Magento development company in India, we never leave our clients in the mid of problems. We identify your needs at every stage of development and provide out-of-the-box and feature-rich solutions.


The Perks Of Using Magento

Excellent Content Management

To attract visitors, eCommerce websites must have a versatile content management system that allows them to update fresh, high-quality content on a daily basis. This allows the e-commerce store owners to adapt the offers and make the store user-friendly by opting for Magento’s growth. Magento offers excellent content management. Magento is designed with an intuitive page editor, used for those who want the simple working of the shopping cart to be manipulated. You can also begin this tool, without any technical expertise, to edit websites for e-commerce.


Highly Customizable

Magento is highly customizable. The look and feel of the website and the categories of the products, customize almost everything with Magento. However, a store built with such a high-personalization process requires that everything is scratch-coded and done by a great Magento developer, which you can get at Datanet. Moreover, the platform provides the choice of a range of payments, shipments, and languages more friendly to suit your clients. Therefore, almost all functions on your eCommerce website are customizable with the Magento Development Platform.


Quick Loading Time

Website developed using Magento offers an amazing user experience of website loading in a span of seconds. Nobody has time to wait for something in the fast-paced world. Everyone needs everything they felt out in their hands. Nobody’s going to wait if your site takes a longer loading time and they won’t hesitate to click the back button immediately. The study also confirms that 50% of people leave the websites if it takes more than 2 seconds to load. This means that people expect to load a site within a second. Therefore, the loading time of a website matters a lot and thus people prefer Magento as it loads the pages quickly.


SEO Friendly

The process of optimizing your eCommerce product pages and descriptions is extremely simple with the help of Magento’s development platform. Thus, it offers great opportunities for the products of your store to appear on various search engines. In addition, webpages which use the Magento e-commerce platform are highly responsive.
Hence, your website would be compatible with all the devices and browsers. In addition to better SEOs, your e-commerce shop offers the best customer experience.


Multi-Site Support

Magento allows running multiple online stores in multiple languages and currencies in a single installation process. This helps a shopkeeper to expand their audience and appreciate all the online shop opportunities that it offers. Various prices and languages allow prospective purchasers and individuals living in different areas to be covered at all levels of profits. All of this can be done from a single administrative panel. So, Magento’s multi-store growth option is unwise. The shops designed on Magento make it easier to order from various customers. Magento Multi Shop gives shopowners the versatility of many shops with different currencies to use the same admin and back-end.

Our Magento Website Development Process

& Planning

We analyze your objective and requirements and formulate strategies to target the right audience and create a perfect website.

& Development

Our designers create highly engaging and attractive designs, while the developers create and add functionalities to your website.


Testers will test the code to find the bugs which will further be removed by developers to provide you with a flawless website.


After passing our quality assurance test, we provide the website for final confirmation from you and launch it for your audience.

& Maintenance

We never leave the hand of our clients in crisis. We are always there to provide continuous support and maintenance of the website.

Reasons To Choose Datanet For Magento | Hire A Team Of Magento Developers

Dedicated Magento Experts

We have a team of highly talented Magento developers who will develop flawless websites using profound technology and creative methods that work across all the devices. Our Magento specialists deploy detailed and coordinated solutions with the latest features and functions through the development of an intuitive user interface, robust architectures, and reliable portals. We have a pool of top strategists who are well-versed in the Magento CMS extension library along with extensive experience with third-party Magento CMS integrations.


Top-Notch Security

Our Magento applications are secure, reliable, end-to-end, and resilient to man-in-the-middle attacks and IP spoofing. From the start of the project to the production priorities, we work on all security concerns following budgetary constraints. The best safety practices such as double factor authentication, brute strength login, firewalls, and more are included in this.


Migration Services

We will improve your website by ensuring a smooth and seamless workflow and unlocking the full potential of digital commerce with this hop since we have expertise in improving versions or migrating your applications. We provide responsive websites and designs for Magento that represent your business objectives.


Agile & Transparent Approach

We practice a safe, agile development approach. Throughout the web development process, we prioritize customer satisfaction and aspire to achieve the best solution in shorter sprints. Also, we are quite transparent in our services and keeps you updated with the project development timely.


Flexibility and Adaptability

Our seasoned programmers remain up-to-date with IT advances and emerging technology so that our programs are ready for the future. You can upgrade or downgrade the project team to suit your project needs. Our recruitment models are very scalable and economical.

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