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Datanet Hosting Solutions pledges a superior level of service to all clients. The service level agreement (SLA) assures service availability, reliability, and performance. It only applies to actual client websites hosted by Datanet Hosting Solutions, not to test or development sites. As a result of this agreement, Datanet Hosting Solutions and all its Web hosting clients are bound by some fundamental regulations. As long as you are our client, we will continue to provide you with impeccable service.

1. Suitability For Hosting Requirements 

Datanet Hosting Solutions understands the value of online services in its clients’ companies and strives to provide hosting that is fast, safe, and dependable. In order to maintain the highest level of security and service availability, our hosting network has been built and is regularly controlled. Customers’ services are protected from interruption by the breakdown of a single component or link in our network because we use high levels of redundancy. Our standard Hosting Plans are designed to be suitable for hosting general Business Websites, including eCommerce Websites that require a cost‐effective balance between hosting costs and high levels of service availability.

2. Uptime Guarantee   

Datanet Hosting Solutions has a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee on all its website hosting plans. Failure to provide this level of service automatically entitles the extension of hosting service for the customer up to 1 month. In the event of service disruptions caused by unlikely events such as earthquakes, other natural disasters, region or countrywide Internet network failures due to complete power loss or any disruptions caused by acts of terrorism or war, the technical staff of Datanet Hosting Solutions will try to restart normal services  

Note: 99.9% uptime means 8.76 hours of downtime annually.

3.Tech Support

Datanet Hosting Solutions is dedicated to providing hosting services with a high level of support. Dedicated support for all hosting services is available during business hours. Our company will provide you with technical assistance for server-related issues. It is understood that the Company will not provide development assistance for web applications, scripts, or apps developed by you or any third party. Email and phone support is available Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, from 10 am to 6 pm IST. 

4. Data Protection

Datanet Hosting Solutions is concerned about client privacy. Rather than luring prospective clients using illegal marketing tactics, Datanet’s commercial success is founded on customer loyalty and word-of-mouth promotion. We promise not to use or disclose any personally identifying information for anything other than running your account and collecting use statistics to improve our services. Please see our Privacy Policy, which is accessible for review on our website, for more information on how personally identifiable data is used.

5.Service Termination/Cancellation/Suspension

If the client cancels his or her membership during a month that has already been paid for, the customer will not be entitled to reimbursement for the balance of that month. If the payment was received one or two days earlier, the billing department may provide a complete refund, less any merchant account fees, credit card processing fees, wire transfer processing costs and any other financial expenses incurred by Datanet Hosting Solutions for that account.

6.Revisions Of SLA

This SLA will remain in force indefinitely, but Datanet has the right to amend or change it with an updated SLA at any time. It will be updated on a regular basis and any substantial modifications will be communicated through email at least one month in advance.


Datanet Hosting Services cannot be held liable for damages under any circumstances not specifically identified in this agreement. Datanet Hosting Services Pvt Ltd cannot be held liable for the content or electronic files found on customer websites.