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Misconceptions About Hosting Services | Busting Hosting Myths

These days the majority of businesses have a website, and the first thing they need is hosting. Hosting is a service that gives accessibility to websites on the internet. Thus, it’s necessary to choose the hosting service carefully. 


However, many people get intimidated by the myths running around hosting and start believing them. Those myths need to be busted, and this article does the same. 

Myth 1: Cheap Hosting Is Bad Hosting


You may have heard this famous saying – All that glitters is not gold. The same can be said here for hosting. Every costly hosting service doesn’t guarantee goodness. Likewise, every cheap hosting doesn’t mean an unpleasant experience. It all depends on the features and support. Do not forget that leading hosting companies have higher profit margins. Whereas hosting companies who try to gain a market like the leading ones even work on lower profits. Many web hosting companies like Datanet hosting solutions offer hosting services at cheap rates. But the features and customer support are splendid. 

Myth 2: Bigger The Company Better The Support


Customer support should be a priority while choosing the hosting service.    In the exuberance of hosting websites as soon as possible, many people ignore this factor. If you are taking a hosting service and going by just the name of the hosting service, then it’s a mistake. Nowadays, most biggies in hosting offer bot support first rather than direct customer support. Also, they may delay your support due to the heavy rush. Such acts may frustrate you in loner runs. Thus, choose a web hosting company that offers excellent 24/7 support, such as Datanet hosting solutions. 

Myth 3: All Hosting Services Are Same


You may have heard that all hosting services are the same while searching for the best hosting service. But have you ever thought about how the person who is claiming knows it? Did he try every hosting service? The similarities in features and offers could be there, but they cannot be the same. Every hosting provider differs in its vision, profit margin, capacity, staff, and support. So, whenever you want to judge a hosting provider, do it on parameters like pricing, features, and value for money. 


Myth 4: Any Server Will Work


Many people are afflicted with this thought. If you are one of them, then reconsider it. Server specifications play a decisive role in hosting service. It will decide the fate of your hosting. Thus, never ignore the server specs. Ask your service provider about the server details and compare them with other providers on parameters like features, capacity, and pricing. Your one mistake can cost you a lot. 


Myth 5: No Negative Reviews Means Best Service


Reviews are a significant indicator of hosting service. However, most hosting companies are aware of this and ensure maximum positive reviews on their site. Thus, it cannot be a parameter to measure the credibility of the web hosting service provider. Even many reviews website takes commissions from hosting providers to promote them. So, the best way to measure the reliability is to try it by yourself. 


Myth 6: Hosting Expert Is Required


This myth is far from reality. Yes, a specific field demands specific knowledge. But with hosting, even if you know a bit about it, you can do it by yourself. No need to have any technical expertise. In case you are not getting anything about hosting, then no worries, contact your service provider. You can also read articles or watch videos about web hosting services.  

Myth 7: Hosting Is Expensive


Many people fall for this absolute myth. It will take less than a minute to search and get the average pricing of the hosting services. As a matter of fact, web hosting is cost-effective. Web hosting services start from $2-$3. Hosting service providers understand that the need for service varies from person to person. Hence, they provide various plans. Even many hosts offer free hosting as well. What else do you need? 



Falling for myths won’t take you anywhere. Thus, it’s necessary to stop believing those fallacies. Hosting is the first step towards the success of your website, so choose it wisely. You can contact Datanet hosting solutions, the best hosting providers in India, to host your website. 

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