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Android Cloud Backup & Its Importance | How Datanet’s Mobile Backup Can Help You? 

What’s the cost of your phone? I am not talking about the phone for which you have to sell your kidneys. Haha! Keeping the pun aside and let it be more specific. 


What’s the actual price of your Android phone? It could be anything.


Let’s say it is 20,000 bucks, and one day you lost it. How much loss do you have? You will say 20,000. But the answer is NO. Want to know how? Ok, understand it this way. 


When you lose your phone, you don’t just lose your data only, but also lose the memories stored on your phone. Those photos and videos on your phone were priceless. No money can get them back once gone(except if the person who got your phone has a heart of Gold). 


So, is there any solution? 


Yes, there is, and that is cloud backup


You might have heard about cloud backup solutions. If not, then recalling it right below just for the sake of your understanding. 


What Is Cloud Backup?


Cloud backup is the process of making copies of your data and sending them to servers situated far away from your location. So, in case you lose the data of your phone, you can recover it. The best part is that you do not have to go anywhere. You can get your data anytime from anywhere. 


Here cloud does not mean the real ones, yeah poor joke, right? Still, many get confused with it. Don’t get offended if you know what the cloud is? For those who don’t know, a cloud is a server where your data will be stored when you opt for a cloud backup service. 


Android Cloud Backup


Though taking mobile backup on the cloud will not protect your phone from being stolen, it can help you the other way. Cloud backup can save the memories you had on your phone by sending copies to the offsite server.  


When it comes to security, Android phones are seen with the eye of suspicion compared to iPhones. Most people, maybe you too, will agree with this. Thus, the need to boost the security of your phone becomes paramount. Here’s how cloud backup solutions can help you in this. 


  • Cloud backup keeps all the data of your phone across several devices in sync.
  • Cloud backup solutions keep your data safe even if you misplace your device or if it gets broken.
  • Top cloud backup services like Datanet come with a user-friendly interface that allows you to view your data using only a web browser from anywhere.


Android Cloud Backup Of Contacts


Contacts are as vital as any other data on the phone. Backing up the phonebook and storing it in an offsite server will ensure access to crucial email addresses and phone numbers. You can take backup of your contacts using cloud backup solutions from Datanet. 


Android Cloud Backup Of Photos


photo backup on cloud


Mobile phones have now become smartphones. All thanks to the advancement in technology. High-quality photos these days are normal. You will be clicking a lot of pictures from your phone too. As already stated, having a mobile backup is necessary, so keeping photos only on your phone won’t make sense. Yes, you are getting some free storage space from Google, but that won’t be enough for social media freaks. IT companies, digital marketing, and architecture firms have a plethora of heavy-size images. Those images are part of their business strategy, thus need to be protected. The best way to ensure their safety is to have a backup on the cloud. 


Android Cloud Backup Of Videos


video backup on cloud


Video quality on Android has improved dramatically in recent times. Users can now capture HD videos with relative ease. Since it’s so easy to capture videos in HD, many people use it to capture significant events and memories. A priceless memory should be preserved with security. Android cloud backup of Datanet ensures this. It allows you to quickly and easily back up your Android videos to a PC or the cloud.


Android Cloud Backup Of Messages


text backup on cloud


Text messages are still relevant. Some text messages are so crucial that you cannot afford to lose them. The message could be from your loved ones. It could be memory or any account information. If you’re a business owner, then you may have critical text messages on your Android phone.  You need to save text carefully critical to your business to keep the chat with the sender alive. Having SMS backup on the cloud allows you to keep them safe as long as you want. The cloud backup solutions of Datanet, in partnership with Acronis, make text messages backup of Android phone an easy task. 


True Solution For Android Cloud Backup From Datanet


It’s time to take data backup of your android phone more seriously. You never know when you will lose data so vital for you. You have heard this famous saying, Precaution is better than cure! So, take a true mobile backup solution from Datanet and ensure your mobile data safety. In case you have already experienced data loss, better late than never. Moreover, cloud backup services are not even costly. By spending a few pennies, you can protect all the data on your phone.


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