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Why Use Cloud Backup? What Is The Need Of Cloud Backup Service?

Why should I use Cloud backup? Does this question pop up in your mind! If yes, then no worries, here you will get your answer. 


If you own a business or running a startup, you need to protect your data. Would you like to compromise the security of your data? Of course not!  You have given your so much to start the company. 


But to ensure your data is safe, you need to do something, and that something can’t be better than taking data backup on Cloud. 


Do you know?


“75% of small businesses do not have any recovery plan!”

(Source: Ohio-based Nationwide Insurance)


“40-60% of small companies without a data recovery plan go out of business.”

(Source: PhoenixNAP)


The need to have a data backup and recovery plan is quite evident from the given statistics. 


Taking data backup using tape is complex, unreliable, and costly. Thus, Cloud backup is the perfect solution for all your backup needs. Due to this, more and more businesses are now moving towards cloud backup services. 


Cloud backup solution comes with highly secure and integrated Cloud technologies that offer fast and reliable data backup. It automatically takes data backup and stores it safely offsite for disaster recovery. 


Here are a few reasons that show why you must use a cloud backup service. 


Secure Recovery With Offsite Cloud Backup


Taking backup on Cloud will ensure your data is safe at some distant location virtually. 


You may have a question in your mind, why can’t I store data on a server locally? Well, you can, but there is a difference between storing data locally and on Cloud. 


Suppose you have servers where you are storing your data. You take backups regularly. You are also checking up on the equipment properly. But what in case any accident happens in your offices like pipe bursts or server room catches fire? What if an earthquake occurs? In all these scenarios, your servers would damage, and you will lose all your critical data.


It doesn’t matter how careful you are about your servers. You can’t do much in case of natural disasters or any sudden accident. 


Thus, the best option to protect your data would be moving them offsite. 


Still, many businesses keep backup on-site, putting their data in danger. Afterwards, they have to spend money and effort to regain lost data. It impacts productivity, revenue, and goodwill.  


Cloud backup uses the Cloud to move data offshore to ensure disaster recovery. It takes only minutes to backup your data offsite. Regardless of what sort of crisis strikes your business, your data will remain safe. You can restore information before the disaster occurs. 


No Complex & Manual Works


Tape backup is not only time taking but also messy. Businesses with limited employees find it tough to give their time to manual data backup and troubleshooting. They have other things to focus on as well. If you are running a company, then you will be aware of this fact. 


On the other hand, Cloud backup is an automatic procedure that requires no human intervention, so no manual works. Once set, it starts taking the backup on time fixed by you. This functionality saves time and frees the staff from any backup related job. 


Cloud backup also provides web-based tools for managing and monitoring all facets of server data security. Furthermore, these solutions relieve the stress of administering a backup infrastructure and data protection. 


You can take Cloud backup service from a reliable source such as Datanet hosting solutions. Here you will get proactive data monitoring, cost-effective pricing, and impeccable support.


Minimize Risk & Downtime


Data protection is a consistent effort, not a one-time job. The workflow of related operations is complicated and extends much beyond on-site backups, comprising the following steps:


  • Data backup to a different device
  • Data transfer to a distant location to safeguard it from human and natural calamities
  • Data storage for securing and organizing data easily and rapidly
  • Data recovery whenever needed


If your Cloud backup solution is not addressing these steps, then your business is in danger. Having partial protection exposure is never acceptable. It may easily lead to higher costs, downtimes, and loss of information. 

Cloud backup solution ensures continuous backup. It means, if a disaster strikes, you can recover data immediately before the interruption rather than a day before. It significantly increases your capacity to achieve recovery targets and saves downtime costs.


Easy To Use & Easy To Set Up


You may be aware that taking backup on Cloud is easy. But do you know it also offers eminent control to users? Yes, Cloud backup do so. Also, you can choose which functions should happen automatically. It keeps track of the complete backup and retrieval procedure, wherever and whenever you want.


Authorized users can simply connect to a web interface if they wish to restore data to another place for whatever reason.  All they need to do is to choose the destination of their choice. 


Cloud backup services automatically collect information on your system and allow you to simply restore the whole system with minimum technical help. 


Perks Of Service Provider Expertise & Resources



What is the best part of Cloud backup? It is the expertise of the service provider. Cloud backup comes with dedicated support from the service provider.


When you use a cloud backup service, you are banking on their expertise to keep your data safe and accessible at all times. Cloud backup service providers have the latest technology, infrastructure, and scalability. It helps you gain substantial competitive advantages. 


Furthermore, your staff remain free so they can concentrate on other projects that offer an immediate influence on your productivity and business profitability.




Don’t you want your business to run smoothly? Of course, you want! And if you do so, then Cloud backup is highly needed. Cloud backup service protects your data and gives you a sense of relief as far as data safety is concerned. All you need is a trustworthy Cloud backup service provider available in the market. However, when it comes to quality support at cost-effective pricing, then no one can match Datanet hosting solutions.