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What Is SEO? Why Do Businesses Need SEO?


Are these questions puzzling you? No need to worry! You are at the right place. Do not skip the page, as here you will get all your doubts cleared. Right from what is SEO to its working, know everything about it on this page. Let’s start!


First Thing First! What Is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a strategy to improve the ranking of your website on Google and other search engines. Better ranking garners more traffic.


SEO brings organic traffic to the website. Organic traffic means you don’t have to pay a penny to rank your page on search engines, unlike paid ads that run on Google.


So, now you know what is SEO? Let’s understand how it works?


How SEO Works?

Search engines like Google have algorithms that decide the ranking of your website. They crawl billions of pages within nanoseconds to display the ideal result for your query.


Let’s understand it this way!


Think of Google as a library where billions of web pages(books) are available. A student asks the librarian to find a particular book, and the librarian instantly tells where the book is! In the same way, when you search on Google(the library), SEO helps to find the result for your search.


Why Is SEO Important For Your Businesses?

Don’t you want your business to get recognition from people? Of course, you want! However, if you are still stuck with traditional marketing methods, then it is a big mistake.


We are living in the Internet era, where the reputation of a brand makes and breaks online. The way companies use to market their brand has changed drastically. If you are running a company, whether small or large, the online presence is a must. Also, the online presence should be such that people can notice your brand, which is possible using search engine optimization.


Search engines like Google take various factors into account before ranking them on SERPs. Google wants to provide information that is relevant and valuable to the users. When your website ranks high, it will get more clicks compared to those ranked lower.


According to Brightedge – “First ranked website gets 30% of clicks, while tenth-ranked website merely gets 2% clicks.”


The contrasts between the top and bottom-ranked sites show the need to improve the website’s ranking to get more traffic.


If you want to have an impactful online presence and draw customers, then ensure a successful SEO.


Now, it’s time to move from what is SEO to what is the need for SEO? Check out the reasons explained in detail right below:


Businesses Now Have Online Presence

We are living in a world where everything is available on the internet. Internet is the first place where people look for your products and services. If your business has no online presence, then you are losing big time.


According to 99firms – “Nearly 93% of all web traffic comes through search engines.”


This data is sufficient to understand the need to have your business online.


Building a website is not enough; you need your business to rank on Google as well, and for that, you’ll need SEO. Ranking plays a significant role in bringing traffic to your website. It’s no rocket science to understand that better the ranking more the traffic.


Marketing Chart says – “75% users do not go after the first page of Google.”


It shows that your business needs to rank on the first page of search engines. Search engine optimization helps the website to get noticed and rank higher.


However, it’s not that easy because these days the competition is quite stiff. Billions of websites are already trying to rank at the top. So, how will your website rank on the first page?


Simple, you will need a good SEO company, having expertise in search engine optimization, such as Datanet.


SEO Brings Organic Traffic

SEO is the best way to bring organic traffic to your website. When a user searches for the things related to your niche, then your website may show up. It means the chance of getting organic traffic is high if the SEO of the website is good.


Organic search has a significant role in the performance of a website. Every business must make genuine efforts to become highly visible and recognized as a trustworthy resource by Google and other search engines. Search engines always prefer companies with high-quality SEO and an even higher-quality business website.


SEO helps you to reach a targeted audience and provide quality traffic to your site without being obtrusive like ads. It is customer-oriented and will assist you in targeting an audience.


Google is the most popular search engine. It accounts for 92.7% market share.


According to First Guide – “3.5 billion searches are being done on Google every day!”


These data show Google as the primary search engine for users. The top three ranked websites on the first page receive 75% of all the traffic. Thus, it is necessary to have an efficient optimization strategy.


SEO Improves Brand Visibility

Who doesn’t like their website getting recognition from the people? Everyone loves that!


When your website starts showing up at the top of search results, more people will begin to recognize your brand. It is excellent for brand recognition since people will start recognizing your firm even if they only see your logo or branding.


According to a report – “First five organic results account for more than 67% of all the clicks.”


SEO creates a long-lasting online buzz for your brand, which in turn promotes your services or products. With SEO, you can build a permanent brand voice that will help you connect to your target audience.


SEO Builds Trust & Credibility

The better your site rank on search engines, the more eyeballs it will grab. Ranking at the top of the SERPs means your website has relevant information for that specific search.


People trust Google because it has credibility. Google’s algorithms, designed in such a way that will rank only those having a relevant source of information. Thus, it is necessary to have a good SEO for your website. It will help you to reach more people and hence boosts the trust of customers.


Strive to earn the trust of your consumers. It will help in the expansion of your customer base. Your effort to improve the SEO of your website raises the trust of customers, thus work on it actively.


SEO Enhances User Experience

Would you like that your website looks amicable on desktop but not on mobile phones? Your answer will be No! Thus, it is necessary to think about user experience as well.


The improved algorithms of Google now consider user experience too. It is a significant factor for website ranking. Search engines now look for mobile-friendly websites having a good amount of relevant images and videos.


SEO optimizes your website and hence enhances the user experience. When your website provides a good user experience, then people will automatically start trusting your brand.


SEO Gives Better Return On Investment

Every business wants to have excellent returns on its investments, and search engine optimization does that. It is cost-effective with a higher ROI in terms of brand benefit.


Credo says – “Organic search results are likely to get 20x more clicks than paid ads.”


SEO accounts for a substantial portion of visitors from a site, meaning higher conversion. It tracks the website’s progress, which gives you an understanding of every tiny step you can take for further improvements.


An SEO agency can track almost every aspect of its campaign, including rankings, traffic, and conversions.


Google Analytics can show you about those who have interacted with your site so that you can work on minute details, discover population statistics, and other engagement data.


Equal Opportunity For Both Small & Big Companies


Search engine optimization does not discriminate between small and big companies. It provides the same opportunity to everyone, whether you are a solopreneur, a startup, or an enterprise.


As a small firm vying for market share in a competitive industry, it’s critical to take advantage of each opportunity to encourage growth.


SEO offers small companies the chance to compete on a larger scale without having the same financial resources as enterprises.


Small companies even get more benefits because they work locally and can concentrate on a specific market.


Why Hire An SEO Company?

You may have fantastic services or products, but what’s the benefit if they can’t reach the people?


Nowadays, various Search engine optimization companies are available in the market. Choose the top SEO company such as Datanet and witness the change in fortune of your business.


If you are thinking of doing SEO on your own, then Yes, you can!


However, knowing what is SEO and having expertise in it are two different things.


Even if you get to know how to do it? Then also, you will need an SEO expert who can help you because it is not one day job. You have to do it consistently.


If you are running a business, then it’s not possible to find the time for all these things. Thus, it will be a wise decision to hire an SEO company like Datanet.

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