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3 Tips To Choose A Cloud Backup Service Provider

Data security and efficiency are paramount to any business. If you want to ensure your data is safe, then you must make some efforts for it. These days, when technology is evolving rapidly, the threats are also increasing. Hackers are coming with new ways to breach security and steal vital information. You don’t want to be a victim of hackers because you value your data and company. Even for a second, you think that your data are secure and no hacker can hack it, then what about natural disasters? You can deal with humans but not with nature. Data loss can be so hammering that all your works, time, and money spent over the years will vanish in seconds. 


Cloud backup gives you a sense of relief that your data is safe. Having a backup on Cloud means a copy of your data is stored virtually and can be accessed anytime. Cloud backup is quite reliable, secure, and economical too. Set up the time you want to take backup, and it will automatically start backing up data. No manual interference is required. 


So now you would have understood why you need Cloud backup service and may immediately contact a service provider. But how you will choose one? There are so many Cloud backup service providers available in the market. Each of them promising to be the best cloud backup provider. How to choose the best cloud backup provider? Here are a few tips that might help you in making a decision. 


Tip #1: Check Security Offerings



Data security is the foremost reason for which you are embracing cloud backup. Don’t you want to know how secure your data is? If not, then you should. Ask the Cloud backup provider about it. Cyber attacks are getting more advanced with each passing day. Attackers are coming with new ways to find loopholes and sneak through your data. Ask your cloud backup provider about the type of encryption and SSL used. 


According to Forbes – “60% of businesses are concerned about security while choosing cloud services.” 


  • Keeping data onsite is not truly safe. It can be affected by disasters or various theft methods. As already said, data backup on Cloud can be accessed from anywhere by anyone with the credentials. Thus, data security in Cloud is a must. 


  • Cloud backup features differ from company to company, and so the data security. To ensure your data is safe, enquire about the security precautions you’re considering.  


  • When a cloud backup provider relies on its encryption procedures, the techniques it utilizes and the different points at which data is protected will be apparent. If you have any queries regarding your encryption procedure, take some time and speak directly to the supplier. 


  • Data encryption is necessary to ensure data security in Cloud. Different Cloud service providers use different algorithms for encryption. When a cloud backup provider has confidence in its encryption procedures, the techniques it uses, and the different points at which data gets protected will be apparent. 


If you have any queries regarding your encryption procedure, take some time and speak directly to the backup cloud services provider. 

Tip #2: Check For Backup Frequency



Being a CEO, manager, or employee, you don’t want to give all your attention and time thinking about having a backup. You have other works to do as well. This is where Cloud backup services come into play.  


  • Cloud backup is pretty convenient as it eliminates the effort of scheduling and managing backups. It performs automatic backup in the background. Thus, you don’t have to worry about taking backup on Cloud. Once set the time, it will start taking backup automatically at that time. How convenient isn’t it? 


  • Not every online backup services provide this feature of automatic backup. Therefore, ask your cloud backup service provider about this before taking any backup services. 


  • Automatic backup can be customized according to your needs. If you don’t want off this feature, then you can do it too. The control panel will show you every bit of data backup, where you can see the time and date of backup, be it previous or current. 


Datanet, in partner with Acronis, offers automatic daily backups to ensure swift and secure online backup. 

Tip #3: Pricing Of Cloud Backup Service



Pricing is one of the eminent factors to consider while choosing backup cloud services. If you are thinking that the costlier, the better, then you are making a mistake. However, it doesn’t mean that those claiming to offer the cheapest cloud storage or cheapest cloud backup services are the best. 


  • It doesn’t make sense to pay for the features you are not using. Similarly, a cloud backup service that is cheap but doesn’t offer much is also a waste.  


  • Cloud storage pricing varies from company to company. Choose such cloud backup services provider that offers all the features like unlimited online backup, automatic backup, and so on in your budget. Features in price should be the parameter to choose cloud backup solutions. 


Datanet in-partner with Acronis offers all the features you need within your budget. 




You may find many tips and ways to choose the best cloud backup provider. However, these three tips are the primary reasons, and anything else can be considered afterward. If you consider these three tips, you will definitely end up with the best cloud backup provider like Datanet hosting solutions

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