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DevOps Consulting

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Excel The Software Development Process With Our Eminent DevOps Services

Software development used to be quite complex and messy until the introduction of DevOps. Streamlining the software development process is the need of the hour and DevOps is doing that amazingly. Removing bottlenecks in software development is the biggest challenge faced by companies, that’s why most of them are heading towards DevOps, which is making life easier. However, not many people in Industry are experienced in this. Here comes the Datanet, which offers swift development of software utilizing the vast experience of DevOps. 


Being the best DevOps company in India, Datanet accentuates automation, integration, and collaboration perfectly, thus ensuring quick software development. The Cutting-edge strategies of DevOps are driven by minimizing the time lost and quickly bringing new skill sets in its response. As a top DevOps company in India, we at Datanet maintain close coordination between the IT operations team and the software engineering departments. Our team of experts assists you in optimizing the IT processes and gaining trust in the tech solution. We focus on a management culture that strengthens the overall tech setup to complete teamwork, connectivity, and integration as a professional DevOps service provider. Our DevOps services are impeccable as they ensure application onboarding by enabling seamless integration and automating the end-to-end distribution of pipeline through several leading platforms. We help companies to improve performance, create better applications and accelerate time with the help of our DevOps consultation. Our DevOps consultancy services allow businesses to balance objectives and deliver high-quality software-based services.

Consulting Services & Solutions Available At Datanet

Configuration Management

Focus on your business strategy with our extensive configuration management service that handles source code repositories, artifact repositories, and database management.

Consultation Services

From assessment and management to automation, we guide you to analyze business requirements and help to achieve the desired outcomes with our effective consultation.

CI/CD Services

We know how to combine DevOps services and solutions with continuous integration & development in a seamless manner using advanced tools.

Automation Service

Connect with our dedicated team of experts to automate the infrastructure which will speed up your IT business and help your company to achieve the target.

Cloud Migration Service

We have expertise in the latest tools and technologies to deliver secure solutions. Migrate your complex business infrastructure to the cloud and make it cloud compatible

Automate & Accelerate Software Development With DevOps CI/CD Pipeline

CI and CD are the cornerstones of DevOps and have revolutionized the way developers and testers approach product updates. CI which stands for Continuous Integration aims to merge codes and exchange them in mainline libraries, while CD i.e., Continuous Distribution allows fast update cycles to be released without bugs at the required time. Automatic Pipelines with CI/CD DevOps eliminate manual errors and provide input that will quickly focus the release of the commodity.

CI and CD are important in today’s technical age because they have transformed the way software is created. CI/CD integration has paved the way for swift development of software in quick time without sacrificing consistency of the software. However, pipelining is not everyone’s cup of tea, it needs experts, which you’ll get at Datanet. Our DevOps engineer will make the strategic roadmap to implement CI/CD integration after analyzing your work and listing down your requirements.

Make Your Application Blazingly Fast With DevOps Containerization Services

Containerization plays an important role in the growth of the DevOps environment. The program is stored in a container containing exclusive operating systems and other resources required to operate the application. Containerization is the go-to approach in the DevOps community for companies seeking optimized technologies, which have greater reliability, portability, and quality in a virtual setting. In addition, the containerization of DevOps utilizes the stateless designs that facilitate DevOps, maintaining stability and resilience in diverse settings. Have a look at our offerings:


Kubernetes is an open-source framework for managing containerized tasks and utilities that allows for contextual setup as well as automation. You can handle declaratory setup and workloads with its operation, tool and support. We assist you in developing software using CI/CD Kubernetes in the DevOps workflow. You may find various other orchestrators but none can match the potential of Kubernetes. It can deploy several containers simultaneously and enable several applications to be executed in one container in various contexts at once.



Docker helps developers to build, run, and operate containers on their own operating systems. It is an orchestrator’s containerization framework using Kubernetes. Containers of Docker have developed to follow high expectations as a successful operating system. The Docker allows containerization that satisfies your market criteria to be designed and applied. You can build code, transfer code, provide resources, quickly deploy apps, and roll it back if desired.

We Are Well-Versed With The DevOps Tools & Technology

AWS DevOps

Give a boost to your business agility with our AWS DevOps facilities which promotes DevOps principles & practices. AWS consists of features that allow the continuous integration and distribution of applications to develop, validate and deploy applications without obstacles. AWS services enable you to simplify the development cycle by properly configuring resources and managing the complex ecosystem on a large scale.


In case, there is any modification in code, then the AWS CI/CD pipeline can sequentially design, test, and deploy to quickly upgrade and provide features. The CI/CD pipeline can be automated and orchestrated across any step of the process to guarantee regular implementation or consistency of code. Our AWS DevOps support specialist will provide you a complete solution for automating your software release.


Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s ongoing distribution framework that provides end-to-end product development and deployment tools for DevOps. It offers flexibility to support different languages on multiple platforms and to host them in the cloud. It offers a wide variety of services and combines with CI/CD pipelines to assist in the whole production process. Azure DevOps can be efficient, flexible, and distributed more easily. When you use the on-site tool, it will be an update to Azure DevOps for your business. Our services from Azure DevOps can help you boost market performance with different offers.


Azure is a suite of cloud resources that helps to address the demands of the industry. Using this we can develop, maintain, and deploy applications on a broad network with appropriate tools and frameworks. Whatever the language, network, or cloud it will be still ready for the company. Third-party tools such as Ansible, Puppet, etc. for infrastructure integration, delivery, and management are sufficiently scalable. It is also designed to run on any platform and language.


Create CI/CD pipeline with the Azure DevOps service. The software integration and continuous management process play a key role in the application of the DevOps community in automated moving updates to Azure system providers. It allows you to have more value easily. It allows you not to run the infrastructure but to focus on designing applications.

Why Choose Datanet For The DevOps Services & Solutions?

You may find a plethora of DevOps companies that claim to be the best, but when it comes to quality within budget then no one can match the competency of Datanet. Here are some of the reasons to connect with us:

Pool Of Dedicated Experts

At Datanet, we are fortunate to have a pool of highly talented and experienced DevOps experts, who do their job passionately. They enjoy their work which reflects positively on the results. So, you can hire our DevOps engineers without worrying a bit. They can frame the ideas into reality and can easily collaborate with the clients.


Timely Delivery

We at Datanet value time because it is the most precious thing in life. We adhere to the deadlines set after mutual discussions between us and the clients. We ensure that the clients get what they’ve asked for and that too within the specified timeline.


24/7 Customer Support

Customer support is an essential part of any business or service. Being the best DevOps company in India, we understand this and are accessible 24/7 in your service. Our clients can reach out to us anytime and get the resolution of their queries right away. We ensure that our clients do not have to face any kind of problems, once they are connected with us.


Affordable Charges

The DevOps services at Datanet are highly cost-effective and will not leave a hole in your pocket. We have kept the charges quite reasonable and don’t have any hidden charges. The excellent DevOps services that you’ll get from us at the price point that we’re offering are simply unmatchable.


Connect with the Datanet & systemize the whole software development process without taking any pain.