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What Is Cloud Backup & Why Do You Need It?


Are you worried about data security and looking for cloud backup? If not, then you should. In the era of the digital world, data security is a concern for companies. With everything growing online at a rapid pace, the risk of data theft has increased.


Think about a situation where an employee of your company accidentally downloads a virus, and it starts spreading to local computers. What is the next step? Well, a one-word solution to this problem would be an increased level of security. This is where the need for taking Backup on Cloud arises.


Big companies usually have the resources to take backup of their data. But what about small companies or startups? They have minimal resources which can match their budget. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to find a suitable solution. Taking backup on Cloud is the perfect option for small and mid-sized businesses. Cloud backup services are way more affordable than the alternatives.


Read on to find out more about Cloud backup solutions that will help you to make your decision. 


What Is Cloud Backup? How Cloud Backup Works?


Cloud backup is the process of making copies of your data stored in the Cloud or system and sending it to another location. So that, even if your data is compromised, you can restore it. Cloud backup solution saves your company from running into trouble and ensures continuity. In simple words, it is all about copying your files, whether on the system or Cloud, and storing them in a secured place. 


The working of Cloud backup is pretty straightforward. Cloud backup solutions provider will install the software on the relevant devices of your network. The software will collect, encrypt, and transfer all the chosen data to an offsite data center operated by the service provider. The online cloud backup service team will help the service user in getting the backup of desired information. 


Benefits Of Investing In Cloud Backup Services


Cloud backup offers a myriad of benefits to the users. Nowadays, data transmission is higher than ever. The sharing of data is good for advancement but a challenge for companies to safeguard their interests. The loss of data due to any reason could prove to be costly as it may have consequences on the business. Cloud backup solutions solve this problem of data loss and insecurity. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of backup on Cloud below.


Taking Backup On Cloud Is Affordable


Small businesses are tight on budget, and they cannot spend much on online data backup. With Cloud backup, you do not need to spend on having any internal power. These services are paid monthly and provide unlimited backup at economical rates. Also, investing in private servers and their maintenance requires too much, which is not feasible for many companies. The charges may vary depending on your requirement, but it will be affordable than any of its alternatives.


Ease Of Access


With backup on Cloud, customers can access the data from anywhere, anytime. All you need is the Internet, using which you can access the data from your smartphone or computers. It makes accessing a soothing experience as you don’t need to travel with a laptop to access the data. You can easily drag and drop files in the Cloud, no need to have any technical expertise. Backed-up data can be recovered and restored with a few clicks from anywhere, making cloud management easy and user-friendly. 


Backup On Cloud Is Automatic


Cloud backup service providers create an automatic backup routine. Using which the information of your company gets automatically stored at a set time or intervals. The process will keep on repeating every day at the same time. Cloud backup service providers create an automatic backup routine. Using which the information of your company gets automatically stored at a set time or intervals. The process will keep on repeating every day at the same time. 


Cloud Backup Is Better Than Tape Backup


Cloud backup eliminates the drawbacks of Data backup on tape. Backup tape is typically exceedingly costly and is in danger of being obsolete for any minute. Tape is a tangible item that may get lost or stolen easily but will not fall in the category of cybercrime. Once the tape gets stolen and gone in the wrong hands, you could be in serious trouble. Apart from being unsafe, the retrieval of data from tape also takes much time.


Cloud Backup Is Highly Secured


Data backup on Cloud is much safer than other backup techniques. Besides protecting against disasters, it protects against other problems as well. With cloud backup, you cannot leave data unintentionally at the workplace as it can only be accessed by permitted individuals. Only specific users have access to several tiers of data and specified logins. Leading Cloud backup service providers like Datanet uses end-to-end encryption to ensure nobody enters in. If files are unintentionally lost, changed, or damaged, backup services can restore the data to their previously saved condition.



Cloud Storage Is Not Cloud Backup


Are you confused between Cloud backup and Cloud storage? If yes, then no worries, you are not alone. Many people do the same mistake of using them interchangeably, but not after reading this.


  • Cloud storage services like google drive, dropbox, and one drive provide space to store files, folders, images, videos, etc., on Cloud. You can easily access or share files using Cloud storage. However, it does not take backup of your data to save them during natural disasters or line disruption. This is where Cloud backup comes in. Cloud backup involves making copies of data and storing them on a server. It ensures continuous backup, where all the data gets automatically backed up on Cloud at the set time interval. Thus, helps in data recovery in case of any disruptions which may cause data loss. 


  • Security is the main element of online data backup. Top data backup providers like Datanet applies end-to-end encryption while sending or storing files. However, this is not the case with Cloud storage, where files are encrypted usually on the server-side only. It makes Cloud storage less secure than Cloud backup. 

  • Cloud storage requires you to save the files manually you wish to keep in the Cloud, while Cloud backup services save and sync files on your computer automatically.


Datanet – Best Cloud Backup Service Provider


Datanet aims to provide Cloud backup services to every company, whether a startup or an established one so that no one loses their critical data. Datanet understands the importance of data to a company and the efforts behind them. Thus, offering unlimited online backup services, fully loaded with top-notch features at unbelievable prices. 


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