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Is Cloud Backup Secure? Here Is The Answer!

No need to tell how important the data are? Because you already know that. 

But what do you do for its security? 

You take the backups. But which backup, tape backup, or cloud backup

Most businesses will say cloud backup as it is easy to use and offers unlimited storage space. 

But can you say cloud backup is secure? Do you think just uploading the data on the cloud makes it automatically safe? 


Of course not! 


In cloud backup, the copies of your data get stored on a remote server. But it doesn’t make sense if there is no security. That’s why cloud backup services come with multi-layer security. 


This multi-layer security is the reason behind data security on the cloud. 


Before reaching any conclusion, let us dive in and explore the multi-layer security of cloud backup. 


Cloud Backup Protects Data From Unexpected Events


two people are protecting cloud backup data from risks


Data theft, virus attacks, earthquakes, short-circuit, flood, accidental file deletion, etc., are unwanted things that can happen. 


Even if you back up data locally, the risk of data loss remains high. The data saved on the local device is prone to all these risks, which lead to data loss. You will lose your precious data forever if you do not keep backups. 


As you know, data goes to a remote location in cloud backup. It ensures that you will not lose crucial data due to an unforeseen occurrence. 


Cloud Backup Comes With Encryption


Cloud backup is encrypted with 256 bit encryption


You trust your bank, and so you keep your hard-earned money there without any fear. 


The bank has a payment gateway that uses 128-bit of encryption, which is highly secured. 


However, top cloud backup service providers such as Acronis even take one step further and offer 256-bit encryption. 


It gives an additional level of assurance that your files and folders are delivered safely. It further implies that no one can hack or disrupt data transmission to the backup server. 


Datanet (an Acronis partner) uses the same 256-bit encryption standards to transfer data from a server to your computer, ensuring the security of both the sending and receiving data. 


Cloud Backup Providers Also Use Server-Side Encryption

cloud backup is secured with server side encryption


Leading cloud provider companies are leaving no stone unturned to keep your data safe. Top cloud backup providers such as Datanet compress & encrypt data from the server-side as well. 


Server-side encryption means no client, hackers, or disgruntled employee has any chance of accessing your data. 


On the other hand, compression allows backup companies to preserve disc space and cut costs. It helps cloud backup providers to offer cloud backup solutions at cheaper rates.


Cloud Backup Servers Has Top-Notch Physical Security


data on cloud backup is secured with several passwords and manual security


Physical security of cloud backup servers is next level. All leading cloud backup providers take physical security as a priority. Their structures are well-protected, with doors closed and entrances carefully scrutinized.


Doors, rooms, corridors, and every nearby place are under the eye of high-end surveillance 24/7. Server rooms remain equipped with cooling systems, temperature control equipment, and automatic fire detection. 


It also has an uninterruptible power supply from several power sources. 


When you opt for a professional cloud backup provider, you will get assurity that your data is highly safe. 


Cloud Backup Providers Has Multiple Data Centers


cloud backup has multiple datacenters to protect data on cloud


Top cloud backup providers like Datanet have multiple data centers. It helps in keeping several copies of your data in various locations. They keep at least one more copy of your data on another server.  


Do you know why?


Because if anything happens to the data on the primary server(nearly impossible), they can recover it from the secondary location. 


Keeping an extra copy of data to a second geographic location offers another layer of protection to the backup system. It ensures that your backup copy will be available when you need it most.




Now you have understood the level of security from cloud service providers. A single person cannot spend that much amount to keep data protected. The data centers owned by giants like AWS offers unmatched facilities. Overall, cloud backup is highly secured. Tape backup cannot match it in terms of volume, features, cost-effectiveness, and security level. 


What do you think? Comment below if you agree with this or not? 

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