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Is Cloud Backup Secure? Here Is The Answer!

No need to tell how important the data are? Because you already know that. 

But what do you do for its security? 

You take the backups. But which backup, tape backup, or cloud backup

Most businesses will say cloud backup as it is easy to use and offers unlimited storage space. 

But can you say cloud backup is secure? Do you think just uploading the data on the cloud makes it automatically safe? 


Of course not! 


In cloud backup, the copies of your data get stored on a remote server. But it doesn’t make sense if there is no security. That’s why cloud backup services come with multi-layer security. 


This multi-layer security is the reason behind data security on the cloud. 


Before reaching any conclusion, let us dive in and explore the multi-layer security of cloud backup. 


Cloud Backup Protects Data From Unexpected Events


two people are protecting cloud backup data from risks


Data theft, virus attacks, earthquakes, short-circuit, flood, accidental file deletion, etc., are unwanted things that can happen. 


Even if you back up data locally, the risk of data loss remains high. The data saved on the local device is prone to all these risks, which lead to data loss. You will lose your precious data forever if you do not keep backups. 


As you know, data goes to a remote location in cloud backup. It ensures that you will not lose crucial data due to an unforeseen occurrence. 


Cloud Backup Comes With Encryption


Cloud backup is encrypted with 256 bit encryption


You trust your bank, and so you keep your hard-earned money there without any fear. 


The bank has a payment gateway that uses 128-bit of encryption, which is highly secured. 


However, top cloud backup service providers such as Acronis even take one step further and offer 256-bit encryption. 


It gives an additional level of assurance that your files and folders are delivered safely. It further implies that no one can hack or disrupt data transmission to the backup server. 


Datanet (an Acronis partner) uses the same 256-bit encryption standards to transfer data from a server to your computer, ensuring the security of both the sending and receiving data. 


Cloud Backup Providers Also Use Server-Side Encryption

cloud backup is secured with server side encryption


Leading cloud provider companies are leaving no stone unturned to keep your data safe. Top cloud backup providers such as Datanet compress & encrypt data from the server-side as well. 


Server-side encryption means no client, hackers, or disgruntled employee has any chance of accessing your data. 


On the other hand, compression allows backup companies to preserve disc space and cut costs. It helps cloud backup providers to offer cloud backup solutions at cheaper rates.


Cloud Backup Servers Has Top-Notch Physical Security


data on cloud backup is secured with several passwords and manual security


Physical security of cloud backup servers is next level. All leading cloud backup providers take physical security as a priority. Their structures are well-protected, with doors closed and entrances carefully scrutinized.


Doors, rooms, corridors, and every nearby place are under the eye of high-end surveillance 24/7. Server rooms remain equipped with cooling systems, temperature control equipment, and automatic fire detection. 


It also has an uninterruptible power supply from several power sources. 


When you opt for a professional cloud backup provider, you will get assurity that your data is highly safe. 


Cloud Backup Providers Has Multiple Data Centers


cloud backup has multiple datacenters to protect data on cloud


Top cloud backup providers like Datanet have multiple data centers. It helps in keeping several copies of your data in various locations. They keep at least one more copy of your data on another server.  


Do you know why?


Because if anything happens to the data on the primary server(nearly impossible), they can recover it from the secondary location. 


Keeping an extra copy of data to a second geographic location offers another layer of protection to the backup system. It ensures that your backup copy will be available when you need it most.




Now you have understood the level of security from cloud service providers. A single person cannot spend that much amount to keep data protected. The data centers owned by giants like AWS offers unmatched facilities. Overall, cloud backup is highly secured. Tape backup cannot match it in terms of volume, features, cost-effectiveness, and security level. 


What do you think? Comment below if you agree with this or not? 

Why Cloud Backup Should Not Be An Option But A Priority?

Cloud backup is no more an unheard topic. People are aware of it very well. Decision-makers in organizations know the importance of data backup on the Cloud. However, it’s all about implementation. Despite data security threats, many businesses still see cloud backup as an option and not a priority. This mentality needs to change. 


Does it make any sense to act after an attack on your data? Of course not! Cloud backup is a proactive measure, not reactive. It will be a blunder to go with cloud backup solutions only after any data breach. What will you save when you have nothing? 


Importance Of Data Backup On Cloud


Data is no less than Gold for any company. It helps businesses make informed decisions. Data gives a better understanding of the customers, which in turn leads to effective communication. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that data is an asset. But it becomes a liability the day you stop doing anything for its security. As your company grows, the data grows. Thus, it’s necessary to have data cloud backup solutions. 

Reasons To Prioritize Data Backup On Cloud


The reasons to prioritize cloud backup may differ from business to business. However, the goal remains the same and that is data protection. Some of the common ones are given below:

Human-Errors Can Occur Anytime


a girl and a boy facing some errors caused by human in cloud backup solutions

Data is prone to human errors. Even the best employee of your company can make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes could prove to be costly. The reason could be any. A dissatisfied employee taking revenge, or maybe he spills coffee on the laptop, which results in critical data loss. You may shout at him, but it won’t get back your data. Even many times, employees click on malicious links that can destroy all the precious data within a few seconds. Thus, it is vital to ensure that no data loss happens due to human errors. With data backup on a remote server, Cloud backup can solve this problem. 

Saves Data From Hacking Attempts


cloud backup data hacked by some hackers

Data hacking is a real threat to every business. Once a hacker gets the data, your business will crumble. Unless you are a multinational company that possesses the technology, your business is at risk. Especially, small and mid-sized business needs to be very careful. Data breaches can cost you millions, and you cannot get them back. Also, you might be aware of the rise in ransomware cases. It is the attack where the attacker asks for ransom in return for your data. And, if you are thinking you will get your data after giving ransom, you are living in a fool’s paradise. You will lose both your data and money. A cloud backup solution solves these problems. So, there is no reason to say no to cloud backup. 

Natural Disasters Are Unpredictable 


cloud backup destroyed by natural disasters


Some things in life are not in the hand of humans, such as natural disasters. Disasters are unpredictable, so the only way to cope with that is to have proactive measures. With data backup on Cloud, you can be assured that your data is in a safe place. Acting ahead of time and keeping a backup on Cloud helps you recover quickly after the disaster.  

Cloud Backup Save You Money


a couple is saving money they saved from cloud backup


Having data back up on the cloud is a cost-effective approach to safeguard data. With cloud backup solutions, you don’t need to purchase, store, or maintain hardware, resulting in immediate cost savings. Also, there is no on-premises equipment to handle. So, there is no need to recruit expensive full-time employees. It saves a significant amount in the long run. Online backups are more budget-friendly as compared to traditional methods like tape backup. You can estimate the total cost as you will have a contract with the cloud backup service provider for a specified amount of space and services. There are no hidden charges as well.

Choosing Best Backup For Your Organization


Now you may have understood the reason to prioritize cloud backup. But what about cloud backup service providers? You cannot choose any cloud backup solution. Always go with trusted cloud backup providers like Datanet, a partner of Acronis. Also, you can click this highlighted link to check out tips to choose a cloud backup service provider

The Bottomline


Data loss is a disastrous event for any business, and it can happen at any moment. So, having a backup on the cloud is not only an option but a requirement. If you take your business seriously, then take data seriously too. Directly or indirectly, data drives the business. Hence, keeping it safe is your stern duty. 

Misconceptions About Hosting Services | Busting Hosting Myths

These days the majority of businesses have a website, and the first thing they need is hosting. Hosting is a service that gives accessibility to websites on the internet. Thus, it’s necessary to choose the hosting service carefully. 


However, many people get intimidated by the myths running around hosting and start believing them. Those myths need to be busted, and this article does the same. 

Myth 1: Cheap Hosting Is Bad Hosting


You may have heard this famous saying – All that glitters is not gold. The same can be said here for hosting. Every costly hosting service doesn’t guarantee goodness. Likewise, every cheap hosting doesn’t mean an unpleasant experience. It all depends on the features and support. Do not forget that leading hosting companies have higher profit margins. Whereas hosting companies who try to gain a market like the leading ones even work on lower profits. Many web hosting companies like Datanet hosting solutions offer hosting services at cheap rates. But the features and customer support are splendid. 

Myth 2: Bigger The Company Better The Support


Customer support should be a priority while choosing the hosting service.    In the exuberance of hosting websites as soon as possible, many people ignore this factor. If you are taking a hosting service and going by just the name of the hosting service, then it’s a mistake. Nowadays, most biggies in hosting offer bot support first rather than direct customer support. Also, they may delay your support due to the heavy rush. Such acts may frustrate you in loner runs. Thus, choose a web hosting company that offers excellent 24/7 support, such as Datanet hosting solutions. 

Myth 3: All Hosting Services Are Same


You may have heard that all hosting services are the same while searching for the best hosting service. But have you ever thought about how the person who is claiming knows it? Did he try every hosting service? The similarities in features and offers could be there, but they cannot be the same. Every hosting provider differs in its vision, profit margin, capacity, staff, and support. So, whenever you want to judge a hosting provider, do it on parameters like pricing, features, and value for money. 


Myth 4: Any Server Will Work


Many people are afflicted with this thought. If you are one of them, then reconsider it. Server specifications play a decisive role in hosting service. It will decide the fate of your hosting. Thus, never ignore the server specs. Ask your service provider about the server details and compare them with other providers on parameters like features, capacity, and pricing. Your one mistake can cost you a lot. 


Myth 5: No Negative Reviews Means Best Service


Reviews are a significant indicator of hosting service. However, most hosting companies are aware of this and ensure maximum positive reviews on their site. Thus, it cannot be a parameter to measure the credibility of the web hosting service provider. Even many reviews website takes commissions from hosting providers to promote them. So, the best way to measure the reliability is to try it by yourself. 


Myth 6: Hosting Expert Is Required


This myth is far from reality. Yes, a specific field demands specific knowledge. But with hosting, even if you know a bit about it, you can do it by yourself. No need to have any technical expertise. In case you are not getting anything about hosting, then no worries, contact your service provider. You can also read articles or watch videos about web hosting services.  

Myth 7: Hosting Is Expensive


Many people fall for this absolute myth. It will take less than a minute to search and get the average pricing of the hosting services. As a matter of fact, web hosting is cost-effective. Web hosting services start from $2-$3. Hosting service providers understand that the need for service varies from person to person. Hence, they provide various plans. Even many hosts offer free hosting as well. What else do you need? 



Falling for myths won’t take you anywhere. Thus, it’s necessary to stop believing those fallacies. Hosting is the first step towards the success of your website, so choose it wisely. You can contact Datanet hosting solutions, the best hosting providers in India, to host your website. 

Android Cloud Backup & Its Importance | How Datanet’s Mobile Backup Can Help You? 

What’s the cost of your phone? I am not talking about the phone for which you have to sell your kidneys. Haha! Keeping the pun aside and let it be more specific. 


What’s the actual price of your Android phone? It could be anything.


Let’s say it is 20,000 bucks, and one day you lost it. How much loss do you have? You will say 20,000. But the answer is NO. Want to know how? Ok, understand it this way. 


When you lose your phone, you don’t just lose your data only, but also lose the memories stored on your phone. Those photos and videos on your phone were priceless. No money can get them back once gone(except if the person who got your phone has a heart of Gold). 


So, is there any solution? 


Yes, there is, and that is cloud backup


You might have heard about cloud backup solutions. If not, then recalling it right below just for the sake of your understanding. 


What Is Cloud Backup?


Cloud backup is the process of making copies of your data and sending them to servers situated far away from your location. So, in case you lose the data of your phone, you can recover it. The best part is that you do not have to go anywhere. You can get your data anytime from anywhere. 


Here cloud does not mean the real ones, yeah poor joke, right? Still, many get confused with it. Don’t get offended if you know what the cloud is? For those who don’t know, a cloud is a server where your data will be stored when you opt for a cloud backup service. 


Android Cloud Backup


Though taking mobile backup on the cloud will not protect your phone from being stolen, it can help you the other way. Cloud backup can save the memories you had on your phone by sending copies to the offsite server.  


When it comes to security, Android phones are seen with the eye of suspicion compared to iPhones. Most people, maybe you too, will agree with this. Thus, the need to boost the security of your phone becomes paramount. Here’s how cloud backup solutions can help you in this. 


  • Cloud backup keeps all the data of your phone across several devices in sync.
  • Cloud backup solutions keep your data safe even if you misplace your device or if it gets broken.
  • Top cloud backup services like Datanet come with a user-friendly interface that allows you to view your data using only a web browser from anywhere.


Android Cloud Backup Of Contacts


Contacts are as vital as any other data on the phone. Backing up the phonebook and storing it in an offsite server will ensure access to crucial email addresses and phone numbers. You can take backup of your contacts using cloud backup solutions from Datanet. 


Android Cloud Backup Of Photos


photo backup on cloud


Mobile phones have now become smartphones. All thanks to the advancement in technology. High-quality photos these days are normal. You will be clicking a lot of pictures from your phone too. As already stated, having a mobile backup is necessary, so keeping photos only on your phone won’t make sense. Yes, you are getting some free storage space from Google, but that won’t be enough for social media freaks. IT companies, digital marketing, and architecture firms have a plethora of heavy-size images. Those images are part of their business strategy, thus need to be protected. The best way to ensure their safety is to have a backup on the cloud. 


Android Cloud Backup Of Videos


video backup on cloud


Video quality on Android has improved dramatically in recent times. Users can now capture HD videos with relative ease. Since it’s so easy to capture videos in HD, many people use it to capture significant events and memories. A priceless memory should be preserved with security. Android cloud backup of Datanet ensures this. It allows you to quickly and easily back up your Android videos to a PC or the cloud.


Android Cloud Backup Of Messages


text backup on cloud


Text messages are still relevant. Some text messages are so crucial that you cannot afford to lose them. The message could be from your loved ones. It could be memory or any account information. If you’re a business owner, then you may have critical text messages on your Android phone.  You need to save text carefully critical to your business to keep the chat with the sender alive. Having SMS backup on the cloud allows you to keep them safe as long as you want. The cloud backup solutions of Datanet, in partnership with Acronis, make text messages backup of Android phone an easy task. 


True Solution For Android Cloud Backup From Datanet


It’s time to take data backup of your android phone more seriously. You never know when you will lose data so vital for you. You have heard this famous saying, Precaution is better than cure! So, take a true mobile backup solution from Datanet and ensure your mobile data safety. In case you have already experienced data loss, better late than never. Moreover, cloud backup services are not even costly. By spending a few pennies, you can protect all the data on your phone.


Cloud To Cloud Backup 101: Everything You Need To Know!- Datanet

You may have heard of cloud-to-cloud backup these days quite frequently and wondering what’s that? Well, no worries! This article will clear all your doubts. Keep on reading without skipping!


Cloud to Cloud backup has gained tremendous recognition these days. But why? 


Organizations are worried about data security more than ever. The cases of data loss or data hacks are coming now & then more often. It propels the companies to ensure the safety of their data. Due to which the use of cloud storage applications like Google Drive, One Drive, Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, etc., are on the rise. 


Now another question arises. Why do we need a Cloud backup service when applications like Google Drive, MS Office 365 are available? 


This is where most people get confused! 


Firstly, cloud backup and cloud storage are two different things. 


You can check out the difference between cloud backup and cloud storage here. 


Secondly, these applications never guarantee the security of your data. 


They use powerful data security mechanisms to guard against data losses solely on their end and not the user’s end. It means if any data loss happens from your end, only you would be responsible, and not them. 


Cloud to Cloud backup provides solutions to these problems. It is a vital tool for any company wishing to maintain data security as it migrates to the cloud. 


What Is Cloud To Cloud Backup?

What is Cloud to Cloud backup


Till now, even you would have got the idea of this. In simple words, 


Cloud to Cloud backup is the process of copying data stored in a cloud to another cloud. 


For example, if you have data on google drive and one drive, copy that data and store them on a highly secure offsite cloud backup server. 


As stated earlier, taking backup of data and storing data has a difference. Cloud to cloud backup is to back up data and not to archive it. Thus the sole reason for taking a backup copy on the second cloud is to retrieve when the original is not available for any reason. The reason could be any, maybe a disaster struck, and all your data gets lost. So, how will you get them back? The answer is cloud backup. 


Benefits Of C2C Backup In A Nutshell


  • Cloud backup services are highly economical. No investment in on-site infrastructure is required, as it takes online backup off-site. 
  • Backup copies of data can be accessed from anywhere in the cloud. IT employees do not have to come to a physical site to recover data if something goes wrong.
  • Online backup can withstand cyber-attacks. Suppose an employee mistakenly clicks on the infected email attachment and exposes the company to a ransomware attack. The data backed up on the cloud will not be harmed because it is not on the office network.


Why Cloud To Cloud Backup Gained Popularity?


Why cloud to cloud backup gained priority


C2C backup gained worldwide popularity due to these reasons. Have a look at them below:


  • Automatic Backup Process

Cloud-to-cloud backup solutions automate the backup process. So, it eliminates the need for internal IT personnel to administer and maintain the system as backup information is end-to-end encrypted by the SAAS vendor. C2C backup services leave the data protection and data availability duties on professional providers. It is helpful when you do not have an IT team, or team, that manages every IT requirement for your company.


  • Availability Of Cloud Applications & Services


The advancement of technology has led to a faster and cheaper internet connection. This leads to an increase in the number of users and hence the data consumption. Since more and more people are using the internet, data consumption is higher than ever. To counter this problem, companies have introduced cloud-based applications that offer space to keep an enormous amount of data. These days, cloud applications like Google Drive, MS Office 365, etc., and service providers like Acronis, AWS, and so on are available in the market. It gives users the option to choose from a variety of services.


  • A Truly Cost-Effective Alternative


C2C backup is an economical alternative to costly and messy tape backup. You will benefit when you replace your old-age on-site backup storage systems with a cloud-based solution. An online backup reduces the upfront hardware costs, ongoing maintenance costs, and costly delays in data access. Also, the traditional methods require continuous human attention, which means the wastage of time and energy. On the other hand, cloud backup automates the process, thus saving your time, money, and energy. 


Cloud to Cloud Backup Service Provider


Taking backup on cloud is not a big deal but ensuring safe & secure backup is the one. There are many online backup services present on the internet. However, not everyone is trustworthy. Offering free cloud backup service is the biggest lie any cloud backup services provider will tell you. There is a difference between economical service and free service. Don’t fall for any marketing gimmick. Check out these tips to find the best cloud backup service provider before making any decision. 




Data security is not merely an option anymore. It is a necessity! and that’s the bottom line. Moreover, if you are willing to make your data secure, then opt for cloud backup solutions. Being a leading online data backup provider, Datanet, a partner of Acronis offering world-class online backup services. Get your perfect cloud backup and disaster recovery solution right away! 

How To Fix Acronis Cloud Backup Fails!

Acronis Cloud backup fails happens because of different reasons. The most common reasons and their solutions are listed below:

Backup Error Message

  • The drive is not ready 
  • The device is not ready

Cause 1:

The disc device is not responding adequately to read/write requests, which might be a momentary malfunction or a permanent breakdown of the device.


Attempt transferring a file from the specified backup source to the backup destination using Windows Explorer to confirm that factor


  • Reconnect external disk
    • Eject the drive safely
    • If the drive is connected to an external power source – disconnect it, wait for 10 seconds, and then reconnect it
    • After that, reconnect the disk to a different port on the system 
    • NAS devices: reboot the NAS(network-attached storage devices)

Cause 2:

Corrupted file system or disk partition table


  • Reboot your system.

Backup Error Message

  • Disk Is Full

Cause 1:

There isn’t enough space on the disc where backups are stored.


  • Automatic cleaning of backup versions not displayed in the Acronis True Image interface is not possible. To make a fast check, enter the “Recovery” dialogue and broaden your choice of dates – compared to recovery points.TIB files Failed to establish automatic cleaning rules.
  • For no reason have previous backup versions been removed.
  • There were no Acronis files on the disc where backups are saved.

Cause 2:

  • NAS: the NAS user account limit (quota), stated in backup configuration, has been reached. This quota is set up in NAS settings outside Acronis programme. Acronis has nothing to do with that. The NAS user account is entirely unconnected to the Acronis account and is only configured via the NAS administration panel.

Cause 3:

  • External drive, where backups are saved, has quotas enabled for different Windows users. To check if that is the case, right-click the disk in Windows Explorer, click on the Quota tab and click “Show Quota settings.”

Cause 4:

  • Not enough free disk space on the source disk for Microsoft VSS snapshot

Cause 5:

  • Too high disk activity on the source disk causes Microsoft VSS snapshot to cancel and delete

Solution 1:

  • Make sure other software doesn’t fill the disc space where the backups are stored. Transfer or remove files from other programmes to a different disc or location.

Solution 2:

  • If.TIBs are missing in the Recovery Date/Time list, turn off the self-defense function mentioned on https://kb.acronis.code/content/60190 and remove those orphaned.TIBs from the destination drive. When backups are needed, add them to the list according to and find out which other backs/backup versions you want to remove to free disc space.

Solution 3:

  • Correct the rules for automatic backup deletion and free up disk space:


  • Enter backup settings – tab “Backup scheme” and adjust cleanup settings: reduce the number of backup chains to keep (a backup chain is a full backup and all the incremental/differentials before the next full backup). Earlier backups are deleted by chains. Deletion of any backup version is postponed until all the chain is subject to deletion.
  • Free up disk space by deleting backups – click the arrow key next to the backup name in Acronis True Image to open the menu, choose “Delete” – “Delete entirely” or “Cleanup versions.”

Solution 4:

  • Close all other programs when running the backup, especially antivirus, security and software that could be intensively reading or writing data to disk: data synchronization, copying, backup, cataloguing, search and indexing.

Solution 5:

  • Run the free Acronis tool for troubleshooting Microsoft VSS issues: Acronis VSS Doctor.

Backup Error Message


Backup versions occupy too much disk space in the Cloud



  • Reduce the number of backup versions to keep in the backup settings, delete earlier versions
    • Open backup settings“Options”tab “Advanced” – “Acronis Cloud cleanup”, reduce the number of versions to keep, and the amount of time the versions are stored in the Cloud.
    • Click “Account” on the left action bar – click “Browse my data”, mouse over the backup and click the gear icon that will appear, to access the backup cleanup and delete menu options.


  • Download some of your backups from Cloud locally, then delete those backups from Cloud:
    • Click “Backup” on the left action bar in Acronis True Image, click the backup, then click Recovery at the top of the screen, follow the offered steps to download the files.
    • Click the small arrow next to the backup name in the backups list, select Delete – click Yes.

Solution 3:


  • If you need all of the backups, including all accumulated backup versions, and room for new backups – buy more storage space:
    • Click “Account” on the left action bar.
    • Click the “Upgrade” button.
    • Choose the appropriate new storage quota and proceed with the purchase wizard. Know more at
How Can Digital Marketing Boost Your Business?

Digital marketing has completely changed the face of marketing. The marketing of 10 years ago and today has a difference of apple and oranges. Earlier, the world wide web was not so wide as it is now. There were phones but no smartphones. More importantly, the internet was not everyone’s cup of tea. But now the time has changed. You’ve got websites, you’ve got social media, the internet at cheap rates, and the phones that are smart in the real sense. All these tech advancements led to the rise of digital marketing. 


What Is Digital Marketing?


Even if you don’t know what digital marketing is? You would have heard of this buzzword. Maybe your friends or any client have advised you to go for digital marketing. 


Digital marketing is all about promoting services or products on the internet. It’s the way of reaching the target audience using search engines, email, and various social media platforms. 


Consumers’ choice these days largely depends on how the product or service is getting responses online. People make Google searches and look for reviews and feedback on social media before taking a service or product. 


According to Bright Edge – “68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.”


Thus, it’s vital to market your business and create a positive mindset towards your company, which is possible through digital marketing. 

Ways Through Which Digital Marketing Can Help Your Business

Digital Marketing Helps You Reach Target Audience


Identifying your customer is as important as anything else in marketing. You may be wondering what it means? Let’s understand this way. 


Suppose you are selling books, but your book store is in a fish market! Does it make sense? Since all the customers in the fish market would be for fish and not for the book, you won’t get any benefit. 


The same thing happens with online marketing. Every business has a specific audience, which can vary depending on your business. You need to find and reach your audience. But how to do it? The answer is digital marketing. 


Digital marketing has various strategies that allow you to reach your customers who are likely to buy your service or products. 


For example, search engine optimization or SEO helps to optimize location-specific keywords. Thus, whenever a person searches for that keyword, the relative information displays. If your website appears for that keyword search at the top or first page of the list, the users are likely to click it. 


Digital Marketing Helps In Brand Building


Every company starts with a dream of achieving success and becoming a brand. The presence of your company on the internet helps customers to know about it. And, digital marketing can help you in this by establishing an online presence and improving your reputation. 


Brand recognition is a significant element of a sublime digital marketing campaign. Marketing initiatives such as PPC can help you get your name out there by reaching a larger audience.


The marketplace has evolved right from the introduction of digital marketing. It has changed the way businesses develop brands and advertise themselves. Marketing is no more about printing banners and pamphlets. 


It also involves content and look & feel optimization to ensure it’s entertaining, appealing, and simple for potential consumers. 

Digital Marketing Provides Better ROI


Digital marketing is the best way to convert a person who visits your site into a client. The primary objective of marketing is to boost sales. 


Digital marketing helps to link your campaigns with various platforms, which boosts your sales and income. The more people visit your website, the more likely they will buy anything and invest in what your company has to offer.


In other words, proving your return on investment is easy.


Digital marketing provides a greater return on investment than traditional marketing due to apt branding and higher revenues. Effective tracking and monitoring approaches help in data analysis. It allows companies to take the appropriate actions as quickly as feasible. You can produce a constant flow of targeted visitors that converts into sales and leads with digital marketing. 


However, marketing through digital media does more than showing ROI. It also improves ROI. Digital campaigns are frequently both less expensive and more successful than traditional marketing.


You can reduce your budget on digital marketing while still expecting to achieve results. You can use the same money for your digital marketing. If such is the case, you might get much greater returns than traditional approaches.



Without a proper digital marketing strategy, your business lacks a significant element of being on the internet. Digital marketing is an excellent approach to contact new consumers and keep them intact. Whether you are a small business that offers local goods and services or a giant, digital marketing is for everyone. Unlike traditional marketing, these marketing campaigns can be started with a minimal budget, whether a startup or a corporate behemoth. Thus, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that digital marketing has leveled the field for everyone and would help you achieve your business objectives.


Moreover, if you are looking for a digital marketing agency offering results, then contact Datanet. It is one of the fastest-growing digital marketing companies well-equipped, with advanced tools and an in-house digital marketing team. 

3 Tips To Choose A Cloud Backup Service Provider

Data security and efficiency are paramount to any business. If you want to ensure your data is safe, then you must make some efforts for it. These days, when technology is evolving rapidly, the threats are also increasing. Hackers are coming with new ways to breach security and steal vital information. You don’t want to be a victim of hackers because you value your data and company. Even for a second, you think that your data are secure and no hacker can hack it, then what about natural disasters? You can deal with humans but not with nature. Data loss can be so hammering that all your works, time, and money spent over the years will vanish in seconds. 


Cloud backup gives you a sense of relief that your data is safe. Having a backup on Cloud means a copy of your data is stored virtually and can be accessed anytime. Cloud backup is quite reliable, secure, and economical too. Set up the time you want to take backup, and it will automatically start backing up data. No manual interference is required. 


So now you would have understood why you need Cloud backup service and may immediately contact a service provider. But how you will choose one? There are so many Cloud backup service providers available in the market. Each of them promising to be the best cloud backup provider. How to choose the best cloud backup provider? Here are a few tips that might help you in making a decision. 


Tip #1: Check Security Offerings



Data security is the foremost reason for which you are embracing cloud backup. Don’t you want to know how secure your data is? If not, then you should. Ask the Cloud backup provider about it. Cyber attacks are getting more advanced with each passing day. Attackers are coming with new ways to find loopholes and sneak through your data. Ask your cloud backup provider about the type of encryption and SSL used. 


According to Forbes – “60% of businesses are concerned about security while choosing cloud services.” 


  • Keeping data onsite is not truly safe. It can be affected by disasters or various theft methods. As already said, data backup on Cloud can be accessed from anywhere by anyone with the credentials. Thus, data security in Cloud is a must. 


  • Cloud backup features differ from company to company, and so the data security. To ensure your data is safe, enquire about the security precautions you’re considering.  


  • When a cloud backup provider relies on its encryption procedures, the techniques it utilizes and the different points at which data is protected will be apparent. If you have any queries regarding your encryption procedure, take some time and speak directly to the supplier. 


  • Data encryption is necessary to ensure data security in Cloud. Different Cloud service providers use different algorithms for encryption. When a cloud backup provider has confidence in its encryption procedures, the techniques it uses, and the different points at which data gets protected will be apparent. 


If you have any queries regarding your encryption procedure, take some time and speak directly to the backup cloud services provider. 

Tip #2: Check For Backup Frequency



Being a CEO, manager, or employee, you don’t want to give all your attention and time thinking about having a backup. You have other works to do as well. This is where Cloud backup services come into play.  


  • Cloud backup is pretty convenient as it eliminates the effort of scheduling and managing backups. It performs automatic backup in the background. Thus, you don’t have to worry about taking backup on Cloud. Once set the time, it will start taking backup automatically at that time. How convenient isn’t it? 


  • Not every online backup services provide this feature of automatic backup. Therefore, ask your cloud backup service provider about this before taking any backup services. 


  • Automatic backup can be customized according to your needs. If you don’t want off this feature, then you can do it too. The control panel will show you every bit of data backup, where you can see the time and date of backup, be it previous or current. 


Datanet, in partner with Acronis, offers automatic daily backups to ensure swift and secure online backup. 

Tip #3: Pricing Of Cloud Backup Service



Pricing is one of the eminent factors to consider while choosing backup cloud services. If you are thinking that the costlier, the better, then you are making a mistake. However, it doesn’t mean that those claiming to offer the cheapest cloud storage or cheapest cloud backup services are the best. 


  • It doesn’t make sense to pay for the features you are not using. Similarly, a cloud backup service that is cheap but doesn’t offer much is also a waste.  


  • Cloud storage pricing varies from company to company. Choose such cloud backup services provider that offers all the features like unlimited online backup, automatic backup, and so on in your budget. Features in price should be the parameter to choose cloud backup solutions. 


Datanet in-partner with Acronis offers all the features you need within your budget. 




You may find many tips and ways to choose the best cloud backup provider. However, these three tips are the primary reasons, and anything else can be considered afterward. If you consider these three tips, you will definitely end up with the best cloud backup provider like Datanet hosting solutions

Why You Must Take Cloud Backup Solution For Microsoft Office 365?

Do you know? Microsoft has no responsibility to protect the data you keep in Microsoft 365!

Many people believe that Microsoft will take care of all, but that’s not true. Yes, it offers advanced security features but does not provide a secure backup facility. It implies that data can be easily lost due to malicious encryption, malevolent users, or natural calamities, resulting in the loss of vital information. Microsoft recommends backing up your data with a third-party provider. Thus, organizations using Microsoft office 365 must-have backup solutions to ensure data safety. 


Microsoft Office 365 backup and recovery is a type of backup and recovery designed particularly for Microsoft Office 365 data. This form of backup is bought and kept separately from Microsoft, and it can rapidly and precisely recover your data. In case you lose any data, it can be retrieved swiftly. This provides your company with the tools it needs to guarantee that your data remains accessible no matter what happens.


Need Of Microsoft Office 365 Data Backup


Cloud Backup Gives Data Protection In Accidental Deletion 

Mistakes can happen anytime from anyone, but some mistakes can prove costly. Even if the errors are slight, they might easily result in the elimination of vital information. Suppose an end-user inadvertently presses DELETE instead of SAVE, then all your critical data will be lost. Therefore, you must have the facility to prevent these data deletions from becoming permanent. 


  • It is pertinent to note that Cloud storage solutions like OneDrive do not suffice when this happens. All synced devices and networks will be gone once the file present in the Cloud gets removed. 


  • According to the 2019 Global Data Risk Report, Only 78 percent of the folders are protected in large-sized businesses. It means anyone in the company can access the rest 22 percent. There is plenty of space for mistakes, in particular for larger companies with plenty of data. Cloud backup solution for Microsoft office 365 helps in the event of lost data or user accounts being erroneously deleted. You may access all data, including emails, files, and folders after they get deleted. 

Cloud Backup Protects From Internal Threats

You may have trust in your employees, which is fantastic. However, it should not hinder the reality that you don’t know what’s going on inside someone’s mind. You may have heard about cases where an employee gets charged for stealing the information and selling it to rivals. You never know if the same could happen in your company. 


  • There is a chance of a dishonest employee putting critical information about the company at risk. 


  • Suppose an employee named XYZ secretly deletes important data and waits silently for a recycling bin to run empty. What will happen? You may have a severe problem without any means to recover vital data, which gets lost permanently. 


  • Microsoft 365 doesn’t know if the deletion is unintentional, accidental, or malicious. So, once the recycle bin gets emptied, no redress is possible. A third-party backup service is the sole means to guard your data against such harmful activities. 

Cloud Backup Deals With External Threats

The advancement of technology comes with some threats as well. There is a high chance of an employee downloading a malicious file unintentionally. Once any external factors like a virus, ransomware, etc., attack your system, you will be in trouble. Apart from security or privacy, the reputation of your firm will also get damage. External threats can attack from anywhere. It may be via email or a lucrative user, and so on. So, it’s hard to not fall for them. Thus, it’s critical more than ever to have a Cloud backup solution for MS office 365 as malicious attacks are on the rise. 


Cloud Backup Will Save Time & Effort

You’ll have more time to dedicate to your clients if you spend less time on chores that can be automated or simplified. You may get the ideal blend of automation and control with a Datanet backup solution for Microsoft 365 linked with server and workstation backup. A single console allows you to handle backups for all of your clients in one place, regardless of the type of data or device. You can spend more time serving your clients if you spend less time and effort maintaining backups. 



Data is vital to any business and you must ensure its security. There is no doubt that Microsoft 365 is an amazing software, but it won’t remain one if you don’t ensure its security. Cloud backup from Datanet hosting solutions gives you the opportunity to store every bit of data critical to your business. You can chillax once the Cloud backup is on. 

Why Use Cloud Backup? What Is The Need Of Cloud Backup Service?

Why should I use Cloud backup? Does this question pop up in your mind! If yes, then no worries, here you will get your answer. 


If you own a business or running a startup, you need to protect your data. Would you like to compromise the security of your data? Of course not!  You have given your so much to start the company. 


But to ensure your data is safe, you need to do something, and that something can’t be better than taking data backup on Cloud. 


Do you know?


“75% of small businesses do not have any recovery plan!”

(Source: Ohio-based Nationwide Insurance)


“40-60% of small companies without a data recovery plan go out of business.”

(Source: PhoenixNAP)


The need to have a data backup and recovery plan is quite evident from the given statistics. 


Taking data backup using tape is complex, unreliable, and costly. Thus, Cloud backup is the perfect solution for all your backup needs. Due to this, more and more businesses are now moving towards cloud backup services. 


Cloud backup solution comes with highly secure and integrated Cloud technologies that offer fast and reliable data backup. It automatically takes data backup and stores it safely offsite for disaster recovery. 


Here are a few reasons that show why you must use a cloud backup service. 


Secure Recovery With Offsite Cloud Backup


Taking backup on Cloud will ensure your data is safe at some distant location virtually. 


You may have a question in your mind, why can’t I store data on a server locally? Well, you can, but there is a difference between storing data locally and on Cloud. 


Suppose you have servers where you are storing your data. You take backups regularly. You are also checking up on the equipment properly. But what in case any accident happens in your offices like pipe bursts or server room catches fire? What if an earthquake occurs? In all these scenarios, your servers would damage, and you will lose all your critical data.


It doesn’t matter how careful you are about your servers. You can’t do much in case of natural disasters or any sudden accident. 


Thus, the best option to protect your data would be moving them offsite. 


Still, many businesses keep backup on-site, putting their data in danger. Afterwards, they have to spend money and effort to regain lost data. It impacts productivity, revenue, and goodwill.  


Cloud backup uses the Cloud to move data offshore to ensure disaster recovery. It takes only minutes to backup your data offsite. Regardless of what sort of crisis strikes your business, your data will remain safe. You can restore information before the disaster occurs. 


No Complex & Manual Works


Tape backup is not only time taking but also messy. Businesses with limited employees find it tough to give their time to manual data backup and troubleshooting. They have other things to focus on as well. If you are running a company, then you will be aware of this fact. 


On the other hand, Cloud backup is an automatic procedure that requires no human intervention, so no manual works. Once set, it starts taking the backup on time fixed by you. This functionality saves time and frees the staff from any backup related job. 


Cloud backup also provides web-based tools for managing and monitoring all facets of server data security. Furthermore, these solutions relieve the stress of administering a backup infrastructure and data protection. 


You can take Cloud backup service from a reliable source such as Datanet hosting solutions. Here you will get proactive data monitoring, cost-effective pricing, and impeccable support.


Minimize Risk & Downtime


Data protection is a consistent effort, not a one-time job. The workflow of related operations is complicated and extends much beyond on-site backups, comprising the following steps:


  • Data backup to a different device
  • Data transfer to a distant location to safeguard it from human and natural calamities
  • Data storage for securing and organizing data easily and rapidly
  • Data recovery whenever needed


If your Cloud backup solution is not addressing these steps, then your business is in danger. Having partial protection exposure is never acceptable. It may easily lead to higher costs, downtimes, and loss of information. 

Cloud backup solution ensures continuous backup. It means, if a disaster strikes, you can recover data immediately before the interruption rather than a day before. It significantly increases your capacity to achieve recovery targets and saves downtime costs.


Easy To Use & Easy To Set Up


You may be aware that taking backup on Cloud is easy. But do you know it also offers eminent control to users? Yes, Cloud backup do so. Also, you can choose which functions should happen automatically. It keeps track of the complete backup and retrieval procedure, wherever and whenever you want.


Authorized users can simply connect to a web interface if they wish to restore data to another place for whatever reason.  All they need to do is to choose the destination of their choice. 


Cloud backup services automatically collect information on your system and allow you to simply restore the whole system with minimum technical help. 


Perks Of Service Provider Expertise & Resources



What is the best part of Cloud backup? It is the expertise of the service provider. Cloud backup comes with dedicated support from the service provider.


When you use a cloud backup service, you are banking on their expertise to keep your data safe and accessible at all times. Cloud backup service providers have the latest technology, infrastructure, and scalability. It helps you gain substantial competitive advantages. 


Furthermore, your staff remain free so they can concentrate on other projects that offer an immediate influence on your productivity and business profitability.




Don’t you want your business to run smoothly? Of course, you want! And if you do so, then Cloud backup is highly needed. Cloud backup service protects your data and gives you a sense of relief as far as data safety is concerned. All you need is a trustworthy Cloud backup service provider available in the market. However, when it comes to quality support at cost-effective pricing, then no one can match Datanet hosting solutions.