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Why You Must Take Cloud Backup Solution For Microsoft Office 365?

Do you know? Microsoft has no responsibility to protect the data you keep in Microsoft 365!

Many people believe that Microsoft will take care of all, but that’s not true. Yes, it offers advanced security features but does not provide a secure backup facility. It implies that data can be easily lost due to malicious encryption, malevolent users, or natural calamities, resulting in the loss of vital information. Microsoft recommends backing up your data with a third-party provider. Thus, organizations using Microsoft office 365 must-have backup solutions to ensure data safety. 


Microsoft Office 365 backup and recovery is a type of backup and recovery designed particularly for Microsoft Office 365 data. This form of backup is bought and kept separately from Microsoft, and it can rapidly and precisely recover your data. In case you lose any data, it can be retrieved swiftly. This provides your company with the tools it needs to guarantee that your data remains accessible no matter what happens.


Need Of Microsoft Office 365 Data Backup


Cloud Backup Gives Data Protection In Accidental Deletion 

Mistakes can happen anytime from anyone, but some mistakes can prove costly. Even if the errors are slight, they might easily result in the elimination of vital information. Suppose an end-user inadvertently presses DELETE instead of SAVE, then all your critical data will be lost. Therefore, you must have the facility to prevent these data deletions from becoming permanent. 


  • It is pertinent to note that Cloud storage solutions like OneDrive do not suffice when this happens. All synced devices and networks will be gone once the file present in the Cloud gets removed. 


  • According to the 2019 Global Data Risk Report, Only 78 percent of the folders are protected in large-sized businesses. It means anyone in the company can access the rest 22 percent. There is plenty of space for mistakes, in particular for larger companies with plenty of data. Cloud backup solution for Microsoft office 365 helps in the event of lost data or user accounts being erroneously deleted. You may access all data, including emails, files, and folders after they get deleted. 

Cloud Backup Protects From Internal Threats

You may have trust in your employees, which is fantastic. However, it should not hinder the reality that you don’t know what’s going on inside someone’s mind. You may have heard about cases where an employee gets charged for stealing the information and selling it to rivals. You never know if the same could happen in your company. 


  • There is a chance of a dishonest employee putting critical information about the company at risk. 


  • Suppose an employee named XYZ secretly deletes important data and waits silently for a recycling bin to run empty. What will happen? You may have a severe problem without any means to recover vital data, which gets lost permanently. 


  • Microsoft 365 doesn’t know if the deletion is unintentional, accidental, or malicious. So, once the recycle bin gets emptied, no redress is possible. A third-party backup service is the sole means to guard your data against such harmful activities. 

Cloud Backup Deals With External Threats

The advancement of technology comes with some threats as well. There is a high chance of an employee downloading a malicious file unintentionally. Once any external factors like a virus, ransomware, etc., attack your system, you will be in trouble. Apart from security or privacy, the reputation of your firm will also get damage. External threats can attack from anywhere. It may be via email or a lucrative user, and so on. So, it’s hard to not fall for them. Thus, it’s critical more than ever to have a Cloud backup solution for MS office 365 as malicious attacks are on the rise. 


Cloud Backup Will Save Time & Effort

You’ll have more time to dedicate to your clients if you spend less time on chores that can be automated or simplified. You may get the ideal blend of automation and control with a Datanet backup solution for Microsoft 365 linked with server and workstation backup. A single console allows you to handle backups for all of your clients in one place, regardless of the type of data or device. You can spend more time serving your clients if you spend less time and effort maintaining backups. 



Data is vital to any business and you must ensure its security. There is no doubt that Microsoft 365 is an amazing software, but it won’t remain one if you don’t ensure its security. Cloud backup from Datanet hosting solutions gives you the opportunity to store every bit of data critical to your business. You can chillax once the Cloud backup is on.