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Cloud Products

Datanet hosting offers cloud hosting services that are accessible in multiple plans including a control panel, PHP, MySQL, Email and other exciting features. We have been in the domain since a decade and our constant effort in providing cloud hosting services has made us a leading cloud hosting service provider in the market. We provide a wide spectrum of cloud services to add our traditional servers and cluster of servers. Our long years of experiences have made the entire internet and server related things easy. We create, possess and manage all of our data centers and are capable of dealing with customers and their specific requirements. With a team of experts, we assure to give you the best service and take good care of all the cloud products such as cloud sites, cloud servers and cloud files.

Cloud Servers has now become the new dedicated servers. If you are on a look out for a dedicated server solution, our cloud hosting servers will fulfill your requirements as it comes up with boundless performance, unrivaled scalability and convenience. Cloud hosting server distributes your website across numerous servers as well as handle the efficient processing of data. The rigorously growing traffic influx of a website can be easily dealt with the increase in cloud servers, giving assurance to instant leveling.

Our Cloud Products

Cloud Sites: It increases your website traffic across the entire group of servers. It is completely without the hassles of organizing a dedicated server or the filthy performance in similar to shared hosting. So, just code it, get loaded and watch it rise high!

Cloud Servers: With our Cloud Servers product you can obtain what you want when you need it the most. You only pay for what is provisioned.

Cloud Files: Cloud Files offer unbound online storing capacity for files and media. With our simple and cost-effective solutions you will enjoy incorporated redundancy and an easy-to-use control panel.