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Email marketing is one of your best means of converting leads into customers. Datanet Hosting best email marketing software makes it easier to build beautiful, targeted, measurable emails that are designed to help you increase opens and click through rates.

We at “Datanet Hosting” developed a most efficient web based marketing tool which allows you to send your marketing campaigns and manage their subscribers. With our robust email engine, you can track the information about opened, forwarded, unsubscribe and clicked. This will help you to optimize your future email campaign for better results.

Our email engine work very fast and send thousands of email in an hour. With large pools of IP’s in rotation avoid IP blacklisting with major ESP like Yahoo, Gmail, and Hotmail etc. All emails go out through our system authenticated with SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

plan amount Validity #
Upto 2 Lakh @7 Paisa Per Mail $233 (INR 14000) 1 Year
From 3 Lakh to 4 Lakh @6.7 Paisa Per Mail $335 (INR 20100) 1 Year
From 5 Lakh to 9 Lakh @6.5 Paisa Per Mail $541 (INR 32500) 1 Year
10 Lakh @6.3 Paisa Per Mail $1050 (INR 63000) 1 Year
15 Lakh @6 Paisa Per Mail $1500 (INR 90000) 1 Year
20 Lakh @5.7 Paisa Per Mail $1900 (INR 114000) 1 Year
25 Lakh @5.5 Paisa Per Mail $2291 (INR 137500) 1 Year
30 Lakh @5.3 Paisa Per Mail $2650 (INR 159000) 1 Year
35 Lakh @5 Paisa Per Mail $2916 (INR 175000) 1 Year
40 Lakh @4.8 Paisa Per Mail $3200 (INR 192000) 1 Year
45 Lakh @4.6 Paisa Per Mail $3450 (INR 207000) 1 Year
50 Lakh @4.4 Paisa Per Mail $3666 (INR 220000) 1 Year
75 Lakh @4.2 Paisa Per Mail $5250 (INR 315000) 1 Year
1 Crore @4 Paisa Per Mail $6666 (INR 400000) 1 Year

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General Web Interface
  • -Rich feature web-based interface for end user functions.
  • -Send choice of mailer text only, html only, or both!.
  • -Enrich with pre-defined built-in templates.
  • -Scheduled your email campaign for later delivery
  • -Upload Unlimited Contact list.
  • -List of unsubscribers or new subscribers.
Send & Deliver Campaigns into Inbox
  • -Authenticate all email campaigns using SPF,DKIM and DMARC.
  • -Best Email Marketing Uses High End Servers for Best Performance.
  • -Pool of 16000+ IPs used in rotation to avoid IP blacklisting.
  • -Dedicated IP with each account.
  • -Registration With Feedback Loops.
Best Email Marketing Features
  • -Continues Mail delivery through web server, even after you shut down your computer.
  • -View lists in tree view similar to folder structure.
  • -Automatic maintenance of contacts hygiene.
  • -Track performance of all the campaign executed in a month/quarter.
  • -Track website visitors, conversions and revenue generated by email campaigns.
  • -Integrate with social media (Twitter & Facebook)
Email Deliverability Rates
  • -Top-Notch Email Deliverability rate.
  • -Sending Rate Upto 5 Million+ Emails Per Hour.
  • -Automatically remove unsubscribes and undeliverable addresses .
  • -Authenticate all email campaigns using SPF and DomainKeys.
  • -Reliability and 100% Bulk Friendly Guaranteed!
  • -99% server uptime.
Track Subscriber Activity With Ease
  • -Open/View tracking help you to track how many users has open the mailer.
  • -Click Tracking tracks links and URLs. Statistics can be viewed by URL or subscriber.
  • -Re-target campaigns to those who have viewed/not viewed your campaigns.
  • -Track Bounced Messages Detail.
  • -How Many People Subscribed.
  • -How Many People Unsubscribed.
Subscriber and List Management
  • -Subscription management.
  • -Automatic Bounceback handling .
  • -Tools for importing and adding contacts.
  • -Pause & Resume Sending on Single Click.
  • -Send to Multiple Lists at Once.
24/7/365 Support
  • -Free expert customer support.
  • -24/7/365 Server Monitoring By Professional Experts.
  • -Get in touch with email experts for better Inbox delivery guideline.
  • -Includes all phone, email, and chat technical support 24/7.